Cloud access control for business

Cloud access control for business

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Sofia Locks is a PropTech, real estate technologies company that was created to serve the new demand for secure and flexible space management.

Sofia Locks solutions have been designed to meet the needs of work spaces, such as coworking and offices (flexible workspaces), residential spaces (flexible living) such as co-living, cohousing and social housing , as well as the world of retail . and logistics.

Real estate trend

Why invest in co-living

How the real estate market is changing, between technology and demand

Smart office, the necessary integrations for hybrid workplaces

Technology changes companies with smart working, digitization, dematerialization and hybrid workplace

ESG access control

Cloud-native access control solutions form the development platform needed for any ESG real estate project

Use cases

Student Houses & Co-living

New business models for real estate and hospitality

Work Spaces

Co-working and offices, the working space of the future


Get your shops secure

Senior living

Security solutions for senior housing projects

University and Campus

Security solutions for educational facilities

Condominiums and multi-family

The gentle revolution for traditional residential, toward sustainability and services

Customers and partners

Case studies

Who chose us and what we have done to bring innovation to the business of large companies and innovative companies. From flexible space to smart management of operations.


Technological and strategic collaborations for innovation and PropTech

Enterprise functionality

Hot desking

Support resources booking, time management, and seamless integrations

Multi-site access control

Control any number of buildings and areas in real-time, from any device

Roles and permissions

Shape you access control system exactly like your business

NFC HyperTag

NFC powered handsfree interaction for every door

The modern and safe solution for your company

Flexible and intelligent products that do not require software installation, are compatible with any device connected to the internet, and designed for maximum usability. We offer complete functionalities for the professional management of spaces and resources, with a powerful interface that is attentive to the needs of companies.

Intelligent access control

Wireless systems that adapt to any type of building

A flexible and intelligent access control system with the full functionality of an online system that does not require the laying of cables. Find out more about how to integrate our plug & play solutions, save on installation and maintenance, and create the perfect access control system for your needs.