Sofia Locks


Our smart access control technologies is based on cloud and virtualization, providing enforced security while giving all the means for new business development. Thanks to seamless integration with technology partners like ISEO Serrature, Cisco, and others, we are able to deliver highly functional solutions that enable new business streams and maximize the return on investment.

Integration is our strongest feature: on one hand we develop all our services and products over cloud technology, to achieve full integrability and scalability. On the other hand we offer a wide set of competences, that allow us to follow our customer in the shaping of proptech powered business. Sofia Locks is fueled by the commitment of young professionals and researchers: we believe in constant learning and we keep improving our products and services everyday. Our missione is to deliver to customers opportunities, trust, and a vision for the future.

Sofia Locks provides PropTech access control solutions that support security and collaboration. We help market leaders in digitalization and new business designing. We already serve key players in the flexible spaces sector (co-working, co-living, retail, and companies of several industries. What makes us a preferred partner is our offering mix of security and business know-how.