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Ep. 3 PropTech Podcast: Coliving e Cohousing

Il real estate si è aperto a nuovi modelli di business e a investimenti Il digitale è un mattone fondamentale nella costruzione di un futuro solido. In collaborazione con Moralia Group I tempi sono maturi per avere una comprensione completa e dettagliata su quelli che fino a qualche anno fa erano solo trend nascenti: coliving e […]

Digital transformation in the facility management

The affirmation of innovative solutions in the technological field and the establishment of new paradigms, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Data Management, have led the way to innovative scenarios, where the cognitive and decision making processes about the management of the building event are the main issue. Digital technologies produce a great amount of data, useful to define [...]

Innovative technologies to enable workplaces evolution: from traditional offices to event based workplaces

An interview to Federica Pedroni, Head of Workplace @ CBRE Italy Written by Anna Gnemmi, Digital Marketing Manager @ Sofia Locks in collaboration with Alessandro Nacci, CEO @ Sofia Locks In the last years, the real estate market has faced many changes, the pandemic has accelerated many trends and revolutionized the conventional definition of workplace and home […]

Explore Sofia Locks’s product release (May 2020/2021)

Our Product Development team constantly improves our access control solution. In this article Giovanni Bettinazzi, Product Manager of Sofia Locks, tells us about the latest news released and gives us visibility on what are the upcoming releases scheduled for 2021 […]

How to enable smart cities with modern solutions

Connection is no more a simple word, it represents our society and the world we are living in. Being a connected generation, which is always in touch with other users through our digital network, has changed the way we act […]

Cloud integration between access control and networking for greater safety

At the Segreen business park in Segrate, Milan, we have recently developed an innovative access control project through to the integration of two cloud-native technologies:with the contribution of CBRE […]

Sharing economy in the Real Estate: a means of empowerment for Millennials

Millennials are the most cultured and educated generation, as stated in an article by theEconomist, although it is also the one that finds the most obstacles in archiving professional goals. The supply of highly educated workers is greater than the absorption capacity of the market […]

Ep. 2 PropTech Podcast: Flessibilità e sicurezza

Come si costruisce uno spazio di lavoro sicuro e flessibile Progettazione: come creare una checklist di ciò che serve per rendere sicuri e smart gli spazi aziendali. In collaborazione con Moralia Group L’errore più comune, e anche pericoloso, quando si implementa una soluzione tecnologica in un’azienda è imporre lo schema operativo della soluzione sul naturale flusso […]

Cloud technology and facility management, how can smart solutions improve business management?

The development of Internet of Things solutions, the greater availability of data, and the improvement of artificial intelligence have allowed the facility management world to be central in the digital innovation processes of organizations and companies […]

Smart working becomes reality with the flexible workplace of Sofia Locks and Peoplelink

Sofia Locks and Peoplelink provide modern solutions to manage spaces, personnel, operations, safety, and security. Today in Italy there are too many companies that carry out in a traditional form (even with paper) activities that can be digitalized, obtaining a significant reduction of costs, and an increase of flexibility and security. The boundle Sofia Locks and [...]