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EASY TO specify AND Adaptable Solutions

Specify the access control solution with the easiest design ever. No wiring, everything is virtualised.

Access control solutions of the latest generation

The evolving landscape of real estate reflects the rapid changes in our global environment. With emerging challenges and the increasing importance of adaptability, there is a clear need for forward-thinking solutions. Introducing Luckey, a representation of adaptability, durability, and vision.

Every aspect of its design and function aligns with the contemporary requirements of the real estate industry. Meticulously developed by Sofia and backed by the esteemed ISEO group, Luckey signifies a dedication to innovative and dependable solutions, empowering stakeholders to address the intricacies of the current property market with assuredness and proficiency.

SOLUTION CENTER. Get the direct support of our system experts to simplify your specification process. We have a dedicated team of people to provide the information you needs to speed up your work.

benefits for specifiers

Wireless Locking System

Discover the integration of contemporary design and unparalleled convenience with our advanced wireless lock systems. These systems represent a significant advancement in the field. Utilizing efficient battery technology, our solutions can reduce hardware requirements by up to 75%. This optimized design simplifies the implementation process, making it beneficial for both new and existing projects. Benefit from the advantages of conventional access control systems with greater efficiency. Moreover, our locks are designed with the future in mind, incorporating features such as seamless smartphone integration and the capabilities of big-data analytics. Embrace a security solution that aligns with modern technological advancements.

IoT and Cloud Synergy

In the current rapidly advancing environment, relying exclusively on traditional systems is not only antiquated but also a missed strategic advantage. For decision-makers, providing a sustainable solution to stakeholders is imperative, and our IoT and Cloud Integration serves as that essential asset. It goes beyond mere adaptation; it’s about setting industry standards. By integrating real-time data via IoT with the robust potential of cloud infrastructures, we offer not just a user-friendly system but a durable and resilient solution. Sticking to outdated methodologies is no longer viable. Addressing the continuously evolving requirements of contemporary real estate necessitates adopting this integrated approach.

Plug & Play Ecosystem

The transformation of the real estate industry necessitates decision-makers to reassess and innovate their system design strategies. Traditional methods of specifying access control no longer align with the versatile demands of contemporary real estate stakeholders. Our Plug & Play Ecosystem serves not merely as a substitute but establishes a modern benchmark. By minimizing hardware dependencies and integrating advanced functionalities, such as mobile access and data analytics, we provide a progressive solution. For those aiming to be industry leaders, adapting to this ecosystem is not a suggestion—it’s a requirement.

hardware integrations

We are pleased to offer integrations with a comprehensive range of over 3,000 CCTV camera models, providing unparalleled surveillance coverage. Additionally, our dedication to comprehensive building management is evident in our alignment with pivotal protocols like KNX and BacNet, and our seamless integration with BMS (Building Management Systems). This collaborative methodology extends beyond simple technological convenience, facilitating streamlined data interchange, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced security. For decision-makers, Sofia delivers a holistic, state-of-the-art solution tailored to the progressive requirements of contemporary infrastructures.




Our Competence Center dedicated to aiding all pre-sales and execution activities. With a presence spanning EMEA, LATAM, and APAC, our Solution Center is designed to assist specifiers at every turn. Whether it’s solution architecture, system engineering, or project management, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise ensures that specifiers have an edge, with access to professionals who help tailor the perfect access control project for each unique building requirement.