The Covid-19 pandemic is having harsh consequences in the working sector. In the last months many people have been working from home, transforming their houses in their personal office, but this situation only represents a transitional period, as physical offices will maintain their importance for facilitating interaction, collaboration and, ultimately, for employee health, well-being and productivity. Going back to offices provides the adoption of several policies, because personal distance should be respected, spaces should be sanitized and everything should be safe for workers. In order to be updated on the theme, we, at Sofia Locks, have followed several webinars to better understand the global situation and the consequences of the pandemic.

Flexible workspaces are gaining more and more importance, and technological solutions could be the key to overcome the crisis

Some webinars were generic, they only highlighted aspects already analyzed during the previous phase of the Covid-19 emergency. They put the focus on the changes that both citizens and business will have to face, without giving a particular standpoint on the possible solutions feasible to emerge from the crisis. Whereas, other webinars gave a clear point of view of the situation we are all living in. In this moment we are all aware that the whole world will change, we will never come back to the “daily routine” we lived before, so we have to keep up and find new innovative solutions to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. In the current landscape flexible workspaces are gaining more and more importance, and technological solutions could be the key to overcome the crisis.

Flexibile solutions allow to conduct the business in a smart way and be proactive in the adoption of new technologies

Flexibility is crucial when talking about workspaces, these solutions play a crucial role as they allow to conduct the business in a smart way and be proactive in the adoption of new technologies. Flexible spaces are designed to respond to the modern, fast changing working demand, and they are provided with cutting edge technologies, useful to reshape spaces according to precise parameters. Companies have to resort to flexibility and rely on businesses that provide it. Technological solutions can also have a protective role, every business should develop a plan to safeguard employees and customers from the pandemic, make physical spaces secure and implement processes that reduce the risk of infection. Different steps have to be taken on to get back out there: the first one is represented by the full remote working, where all employees do their job from their home, the second one is the partial return to the workplace, where the occupancy will be reduced and divided into teams, the third one is the “new normal”. In the second and third phase technology plays a fundamental role, spaces will be reshaped through innovative solutions and security and safety will be improved!

Sofia Locks Luckey for managers

The transition to innovative solutions is of central importance, as it empowers companies and eases the creation of a plan to bring employees back to offices strategically. We, at Sofia Locks, design cloud-based access control solutions that help enterprises to face this evolution. The cloud is pervasive, and it is a key aspect when it comes to spaces as it improves the flow of data, everything that can communicate via cloud technologies immediately gains freedom from space and time constraints. Through a control network different buildings can be managed remotely, on site and in mobility. In this way the reception becomes virtualized, the access to working spaces is granted through the smartphone, human contacts are limited and safety and security are improved. Cloud-based access control systems allow gathering data in real-time and giving managers a clear view of what is happening in a precise moment. In this way administrators can inform the personnel when intervention is needed. So, these solutions not only better the control over the spaces, but they also promote communication. At Sofia Locks, we are always studying the advantages gainable with technological solutions and we are always updating our standards along with cutting-edge technology, to improve the systems we design. Our innovative solutions are made to help businesses and people to deal with this situation in safety and security, by improving spaces flexibility, businesses resilience and systems efficiency.