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Access Control for Condominiums and Multi Family Solutions

The housing market is going through a period of change and renewal for two main reasons:

  • The age of existing buildings, which require major renovations according to new market needs and quality standards
  • The emergence of new projects to meet the demand for modern solutions, and ESG guidelines

Access control has emerged as a central element in these new real estate products, thanks to the evolution fostered by the cloud. Sustainability, flexibility, and servitization can only be achieved through cloud-native access control, and these are the trends that are revolutionizing the real estate market.

All condominium and multi-family access control solutions

Residential buildings include different types of gates, with access patterns ranging from intensive to casual use, and including gates for common areas, barriers for cars, or gates for technical rooms.

Smart locks for every type of condo doorway

Carrying out a project with people’s needs in mind first

ISEO Sofia Locks offers smart solutions for every type of gateway, so spaces can be designed according to people’s needs, providing security and flexibility.

Our access control natively supports:

  • Standard ports
  • Sliding doors
  • Emergency exits
  • Elevators
  • Turnstiles
  • Mobile barriers
  • Armored Doors
  • Fire doors
  • Technical rooms
  • Cabinets

A new way of thinking condominiums and multi-family solutions


Sofia Locks’ cloud-based access control provides maximum flexibility throughout the project lifecycle:

Compatibility with any type of gateway, wired or wireless solutions

Access with smartphones, RFID cards and fobs, mechatronic and traditional keys

Re-design of spaces via software with remote credential update in real time. Portability of smart locks.


The economic and environmental sustainability of buildings is at the heart of all modern projects and directives concerning them:

Reduce material and installation costs by up to 80 percent

Smart locks with long-lasting batteries (2 years on average). Integration with energy-saving systems

Software maintenance included remotely, hardware maintenance does not require skilled technicians


The modern market is no longer satisfied with quality real estate in a good location, today’s real estate must offer real comprehensive products, especially in terms of renting. Housing solutions must therefore be equipped with amenities and common areas available to tenants. Gyms, swimming pools, recreation halls, guest parking lots, which can be managed by dedicated companies and booked by tenants only through appropriate digital tools.

An integrated communication system

ISEO Sofia Locks access control systems natively integrate communication capabilities between managers and condominiums.

  • Broadcast communications to all tenant devices
  • Communication and assistance channel available to tenants

Manage all keys and gates with one system

The perfect tool for the condominium administrator:

  • Management of all access tokens from a single system (smartphones, RFID cards and fobs, mechatronic and traditional keys)
  • Real-time remote control of all gates
  • full mobile manager application