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Access control for university and campus facilities

Security solutions for educational facilities

Sofia Locks cloud-based access control offers maximum security with the best and most modern user experience

Educational facilities are meeting places that provide space for multiple activities and prioritize community safety. Cloud-native access control enables secure management of spaces, keeping them accessible, flexible and up-to-date.

The new needs of modern universities and campuses.

Security is a primary need of educational facilities and campuses, but today these facilities face new challenges in which a high degree of flexibility is also required. Students, teachers and staff need the freedom to move around to bring to life the communities that are the primary value of these places.

Sofia Locks’ cloud-native access control secures spaces, providing maximum flexibility of movement for users and all the power managers need to keep facilities and communities secure.

  • Smart management of all gates and credentials in real time
  • Low cost to set up and expand space
  • Smart credential management on smartphones, RFID card, PIN and Mechatronic Keys
  • Integrated self-service booking and traffic management
  • Scheduling of access profiles and resource availability

Full on control with reduced installation and maintenance costs

With a cloud-native access control system, cost reduction is effective and calculable. Here is where and how we can observe the greatest savings:

Easy installation, no cables

The drastic reduction in wiring results in tangible savings in materials and labor required. A practical example: interior doorways, such as classroom and office doors, are secured with Libra or Aries smartlocks, which are completely wireless, with batteries that last up to 2 years, and with intelligence inside the lock.

Virtual credentials

Virtual credentials can be associated with an email account, an RFID card, or a PIN (or all three), thus providing maximum freedom in user management. In a modern setting such as college campuses, most users will be able to gain access through the secure Luckey App installed on their personal smartphones, eliminating the costs of managing operations (from purchasing cards to delivering or retrieving them).

Smart maintenance

Routine and extraordinary software maintenance is carried out entirely remotely and consistently by Sofia Locks, contractually guaranteeing service stability. Thus, no on-site technician visits or campus staff training are required for these types of maintenance.

Routine hardware maintenance is limited in most cases to changing smartlock batteries every 2 years or so.

The cloud-based access control revolution for universities and campuses

Virtual credentials can be set with granular precision, allowing the creation of true access profiles, assigned to a single user or replicable for groups of users.

All changes occur in real time and take effect immediately, allowing managers to operate safely, and to be able to quickly resolve unexpected events.

Remote intervention

With HyperGate, Sofia Locks access control integrates all the features of an online solution with the power and versatility of cloud technology. Managers can open any gate remotely with a single click.

More space, more utilities, less cost

Sofia Locks access control systems enable the addition of gates and utilities at a truly low expense, thanks to wireless technology, edge computing, and IoT locks. Campus and educational facility administrations can plan to expand their spaces without worrying about complex staging operations. Similarly, virtual credentials allow new students’ utilities to be added with just a few clicks, and without incurring any additional materials costs.

How it works:

  • Smartlocks do not need to be wired, install directly on the gateway (e.g., entry or classroom doors) in minutes, and connect to the cloud-based system with a few simple steps through the Installer App. Securing a classroom takes 10 minutes.
  • The manager can access the control panel and perform all on-boarding of new users in just a few clicks. Virtual credentials can be associated with the user’s email address, granting them access through their personal smartphone, without the need for key or card delivery.

Integrated space reservation

Sofia Locks access control natively integrates a self-service resource reservation system. Users can access the Luckey App and reserve resources such as meeting rooms, study rooms or lockers through the Bookey module. Sofia Locks access control can then immediately manage traffic and occupancy of spaces, and offer users a modern user experience of on-demand access to shared resources.

Software Integrations

Cloud technologies can be easily integrated with each other, so Sofia Locks access control is ready for software integrations with all the latest cloud services. From video surveillance to management software, from e-mobility management to payment methods: choosing cloud-native access control opens up all the possibilities offered by modern software technology.

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