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Cloud-integrated access control system

Luckey Engine

Developer documentation for cloud access control

Access control born in the cloud to integrate with all modern software solutions

With Sofia Locks Luckey Engine you can create your own space management ecosystem . From pay per use sales models to integrated management of corporate access with reservations and digital credentials, Luckey Engine integrates with your systems and gives you full control over space and time.

REST API, Webhook for responsive integrations

Develop innovative business models with Luckey engine, cloud access control. The organization, management and sale of spaces radically changes .

Secure and dynamic cloud-to-cloud integrations.

  • Integrate Sofia Locks technology into your digital project
  • Cloud-to-cloud integrations with RestFul API
  • Direct support with a dedicated team of engineers

Swagger documentation

Always up-to-date documentation of the Luckey Engine service interfaces. Sofia Locks offers a dynamic web app to test all APIs in preview, before writing the first line of integration code

General integration scheme

You can integrate Luckey technology into your mobile app, and offer your users access through your app. Additionally, you can create automatic flows between cloud systems to synchronize data.

External ID

Luckey Engine was designed from the start to manage integrations. We support External IDs to ensure synchronization between different user bases.

SAML, JWE and JWT authentication

Luckey Engine is compatible with all major authentication methods, to always offer maximum compatibility.

Development tools

Sandbox environment for testing

Sofia Locks provides dedicated test environments to be able to perform tests and build integrations in complete safety using synthetic data.

Integration support

Sofia Locks experts work alongside your developers in the integration process to ensure efficiency and security.

Development Kit

Sofia Locks provides an SDK and a demo kit to allow you to integrate our technology not only within your systems but also within your mobile applications.