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Smart access,
beyond all limits

The new F9000 mechatronic system integrated with Luckey software
perfectly meets all those cases where neither electronic wiring
nor batteries are allowed or required.

HyperLocks integrate traditional mechanical opening systems with innovative digital control systems

Keys can be designed to open a range of traditional mechanical locks and at the same time dynamically programmed by the manager to access mechatronic and even fully digital smart locks.

Sofia Locks offers intelligent access and digital control for sporadically used entrances, ATEX-certified entrances (where flammable sources are not allowed) and mixed mechanical and electrically operated buildings.

Secure and flexible space management

HyperLocks are fully integrated with Sofia Locks’ Luckey cloud-based access control system.

  • Maximum security with mechanical and electronic validation
  • Programmable keys with access time schedule
  • Safe and smart even when there is no connectivity

Mechanical and electronic technologies are seamlessly intertwined, offering unprecedented security by connecting to mobile devices.

Maximum compatibility

From apartments to technical rooms, from shared facilities to isolated spaces, HyperKeys bring smart access control everywhere without limits.

The cylinder is powered by the battery of the mechatronic key, ensuring protection of the ci- lindro against the weather, dust ingress and powerful water splashes.

The patented contactless power and data transmission system ensures a long service life.

Access control solutions for building complexes

Sofia Locks Luckey offers the most comprehensive access control solution for real estate projects, with an incredibly simple software platform that integrates the widest range of locks and access modes:

  • Smartphones (BLE)
  • Mechatronic Keys
  • Master-Key Mechanical Keys

Sofia Locks Luckey meets all security, usability, and privacy needs with its modern cloud-based system and top-quality hardware.

Smart access Control without limits

The new F9000 mechatronic system integrated with Luckey software