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A platform for real estate apps, a revolutionary digital information channel
that delivers interaction and services right into buildings.

Real Estate

HyperTouch is an innovative platform that is transforming the way we interact with buildings. As a groundbreaking digital information channel, it seamlessly integrates technology in real estate, delivering unparalleled interaction and services right into the heart of any building. With HyperTouch, a new era of Human-Building interaction has arrived, offering a personalized and configurable experience for your flexible space.

Unlimited Interaction

Imagine a world where entering a building becomes a seamless and immersive experience. With HyperTouch, this vision becomes a reality. Let’s explore some examples of the incredible apps that HyperTouch brings to the gates of your building:

QR Code Digital Scanner

HyperTouch enables the use of QR code scanning to streamline access control and authentication processes. By simply scanning a QR code, visitors can swiftly gain entry to the building, ensuring a secure and efficient experience for everyone involved.

Meeting Rooms Management

Efficiently managing meeting room bookings is a breeze with HyperTouch. The platform seamlessly integrates with your cloud application, allowing users to easily reserve and manage meeting rooms, check availability, and even customize the settings to their preferences, ensuring optimal productivity and seamless collaboration.

Smart Lockers Temporary Management

HyperTouch introduces a seamless solution for managing smart lockers within buildings. With its user-friendly interface, users can conveniently reserve and access lockers for temporary storage, providing a secure and efficient way to manage their belongings.

COVID Entrance Check

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and well-being of building occupants is paramount. HyperTouch offers a COVID entrance check app, allowing for a seamless integration of health and safety protocols. Through this app, visitors can complete health questionnaires, undergo temperature checks, and verify their vaccination status, creating a secure environment for all.

Community Management

Creating a thriving community within a building is vital for fostering engagement and connectivity. HyperTouch’s community management app brings tenants together, facilitating communication, event coordination, and the sharing of resources. From posting announcements to organizing social gatherings, this app empowers tenants to connect and collaborate within their shared space.

Time Attendance Integration

Tracking and managing employee attendance becomes effortless with HyperTouch. By integrating time attendance systems, the platform allows for accurate and automated recording of employee work hours, making payroll processing and workforce management a streamlined process.

and much more

HyperTouch is revolutionizing the real estate industry by seamlessly integrating technology and buildings. With its array of cutting-edge apps, it offers an unprecedented level of convenience, security, and customization for tenants and building owners alike. Embrace the future of real estate apps with HyperTouch and unlock the full potential of your flexible space.