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Cloud Native Access Control Integrations

Sofia part of ISEO offers cutting-edge access management solutions for real estate innovative projects. Our solutions leverage cloud-native technology, remote management capabilities, and advanced features to provide secure and flexible access control that aligns with the evolving needs of modern real estate projects.

security Integrations

Luckey boasts exceptional software integrations for security. By seamlessly integrating with leading security solutions, Luckey ensures robust access control, advanced permissions management, and enhanced surveillance capabilities, providing the highest level of security for buildings and their occupants.

Management Integrations

Luckey seamlessly integrates with exceptional software to deliver optimal flexible spaces management. By leveraging its integration capabilities, Luckey enables efficient resource management, streamlined bookings, and robust access control, ensuring a superior experience in managing and utilizing flexible spaces.

BIM and BMS Integrations

Luckey seamlessly integrates with top BIM (Building Information Modeling) and BMS (Building Management System) software solutions. This integration enables efficient data exchange and synchronization, allowing for comprehensive control and management of building operations, optimizing workflows, and enhancing the overall building management experience.