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ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies

Access Control Solutions for Real Estate

ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies and Sofia Locks provide an innovative solution designed for Flexible Workspaces(e.g., coworking), Flexible Living(e.g., co-living), and Flexible Retail(e.g., pop-up store), enabling secure and fessible management, as needed, through PropTech technology.

Smartlocks product line

Sofia Locks and ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies have been collaborating since 2016 in the research and development of innovative access control solutions, bringing to the market the next generation of access control based on cloud-native software and high-precision intelligent hardware.

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PropTech Perspective is the market research division of Sofia Locks. We periodically produce studies, manuals and analyses available to the real estate industry on how digital technology is changing the real estate industry.

The security and cutting-edge technology of the Smart line of electronic products from ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies – a leading designer and manufacturer of locking and access control systems since 1969 – meets software developed by Sofia Locks: cloud-based access control.

We manage facilities throughout Europe through our network of trusted partners. We tested our technology, collaborating with leading European players in the Flex Workspace, Flex Living and Flex Retail sectors.

With the comprehensive virtualization proposed by ISEO and Sofia Locks, it is possible to have a single cloud system connected to smart hardware on multiple floors and facilities. Managing even tens of thousands of clients with different levels of Europeanization (users, managers, supervisors, etc.) on different facilities with a single system, this is the multi-tenant approach.

Access control is born to meet the needs of the real estate market

We are happy to start this journey with the Sofia Locks team, made up of bright young people projected into the world of technology and digitization, to the building and access sector. These features match and enhance ISEO’s competencies made up of dynamism, innovation, and access management. We will be able to build a special development path in the sector.

Roberto Gaspari, CEO @ ISEO Ultimate Access Technology

We founded Sofia Locks with the aim of bringing innovation to the real estate sector. Sofia Locks is a PropTech, property and building technology, leveraging the experience of her team in creating digital and cloud native (IoT) products. We have decided to continue our journey with the ISEO group which, thanks to its international presence, will help the initiative to have an even broader scope.

Alessandro Nacci, Founder @ Sofia Locks