Plug & play

A professional system that installs in minutes without specific technical knowledge

Smart management

Complete control of the structure remotely with smartphone and web App

Wire free

No local server or need for complex interventions on the structure

Revolutionary user experience

Simple interfaces for both users and managers, with all the features just a click away

The whole structure in your hand

Otello by Sofia Locks allows you to keep your entire structure under control at all times, remotely. The status of reservations, the entrances log, and much more are always in your pocket with the App manager.

  • Simple and complete interface
  • Reservations management in real time from smartphone
  • Complete log of entrances in real time
  • Immediate revocation of access credentials

Smart keys

Guests receive their keys directly on their personal smartphone, it will no longer be necessary to deliver or recollect physical keys.

  • Secure, personal, encrypted credentials
  • Simple interface and fast interaction
  • Information for guests directly in the App
  • App compatible with iOS and Android

Optimize operational and supply activities

Sofia Locks professional cloud access control reduces the costs of services and products provisioning for hotels and B&Bs. Employees and staff of supply companies receive access credentials directly on their personal devices, with access limits suitable for their activities. From cleaning rooms to delivering products for guests, with cloud access control, Ho.Re.Ca optimizes processes and costs. The Sofia Locks system also natively supports badge and PIN openings, and can be easily integrated with other software.

Cut costs with the cloud-based access control system

A complete system, always remotely available, and with the most advanced security standards on the market. Composing a secure system without complex interventions on the masonry or doors is easy with Sofia Locks cloud technology and smart locks suitable for every type of structure. All the features of an on-line access control and all the advantages of cloud-based native remote control to accelerate the growth of the company and achieve maximum security.