Integrate, manage and streamline your business

Luckey is the most complete professional access control system. It already serves several company of different sizes, co-working businesses, medical centers, a many other. It stands out for its flexibility: Luckey has been designed for providing smart management of access credentials. Luckey can regulate any number of doors, users (single or by group), resources, up to several different buildings.


Get rid of physical keys, welcome badges and smartphones

Otello reshapes the world of hospitality. Hotels and B&B must bare huge costs for keys management, guests admission, and security. Otello provides guests with a confortable experience, by enabling self check-in and discharge them of keys handling. Owners and managers get real time control of their structure, with a real time log of entrences, and the ability of grant or revoke access credentials with immediate effect.


Student Houses & Co-living

New business models for real estate and hospitality

Flexible work spaces

Co-working and offices, the working space of the future


Get your shops secure

Health facilities

Manage spaces and buildings safely