Luckey Custom

Access control with your brand identity

Apps are the first customers touchpoint

Luckey Custom is the App for accessing the spaces and services of your real estate product or your flexible space. Offer a recognizable customer journey, federated with logos, images and colors of your brand, and complete with all the information for your customers.

Powerful and highly usable: Sofia Locks Luckey

An App designed to allow people to move easily and safely in the flexible spaces of tomorrow. Access to gates with smart interface, with QR code and with NFC HyperTag. All with the branding and communication of your company.

All the functionalities of Sofia Locks cloud access control

Luckey Custom Apps interface with the entire Sofia Locks cloud access control ecosystem. Choose all the features you need to control your space and support your business. Build the control system around your company, mirror your organization chart and organization, and customize your control panels as well.

The perfect hardware for every door with the HyperLocks line

Rendi qualsiasi tipo di varco smart con le HyperLocks, serrature e attivatori sicuri e innovativi per controllare dalla varco più comune agli ascensori e le porte tagliafuoco. Co-design your access control solution with our experts.