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Luckey Engine

Integrate security and flexibility into your real estate project

In the era of software and services, access control is in the cloud and secure by design

Integrate Sofia Locks access control and all your software solutions easily and securely: create your own space management ecosystem. From pay per use sales models to integrated management of corporate access with reservations and digital credentials, Luckey Engine gives you full control over space and time.

Change the vision of spaces, organization and business

Develop innovative business models with the support of cloud software. Radically change he organization, management and sale of spaces thanks to the most flexible access control service on the market.

With Luckey Engine you can secure and manage entire chains of service spaces, such as coworking and co-living, accommodation and training facilities, healthcare facilities, and much more. All can be integrated into your software ecosystem for utility management, billing, or any other service. Cloud technology is first of all a new vision and a new business culture.

All the functionalities of Sofia Locks cloud access control

Redesign the operation of your business in the software age, with the Luckey Engine you make the management of any space and any audience of users flexible. Integrate different software services with each other and write your custom solution with the certainty of a powerful and secure access control integration. Luckey Engine exposes full REST API for immediate software integrations.

The perfect hardware for every door with the HyperLocks line

Make any type of gate smart with HyperLocks, safe and innovative locks and activators to control from the most common passage to elevators and fire doors. Co-design your access control solution with our experts.

Security and stability


The data is hosted in European ISO 27001 certified data centers, and transported with 256-bit SSL encryption in transit (AES-256). We take care to encrypt data at rest as well.


We only use cloud resources from top players (AWS, GCP) to ensure high standards of automatic infrastructure protection and adequate redundancy between independent data centers to avoid system unavailability.


We periodically carry out security tests (Pen or penetration tests) with specialized external companies. Tests are carried out at all levels: on infrastructures, on architectures and on products.

Custom source policies as well as country, IP and ASN firewalls can be enabled upon request. All Sofia Locks API endpoints are protected with an https certificate.

Privacy and data protection

Sofia Locks complies with the GDPR and the EU-US privacy shield for third-party services used by the company. The privacy policy can be found here.

All customer project data is encrypted during the transition; all sensitive customer data (e.g. e-mails, passwords) are encrypted both at rest and in transition. If necessary, the data can only be hosted in the European Union.

Here further insights into data security.

Enterprise grade

Time to market

The most advanced access control platform in the world immediately available. Integrate it into your software ecosystem in a few days, to be immediately on the market and accelerate your projects.

Support team

You can’t make high quality software without the best skills on the market. We put at your disposal a qualified team to solve your problems and to be operational as quickly as possible.


Native to the cloud, it’s not just a matter of technology, but of culture and skills: software development has changed a lot over the past 10 years and requires the right mix of skills and know-how, along with the right organization. DevOps is just one aspect, for example.

Thanks to our cloud native technologies, we can provide an advanced access control engine at an affordable price. The system is designed to scale, which means you only get the resources you need when you really need them.

Luckey Engine Specifications Table

Mobile Application
White Label App
Management PortalRead only
Access Credentials
Max ElementsUnlimited
Access Control Architecture
Wireless OnlineYES
Wireless OfflineYES
Wired OnlineYES
Wired OfflineYES
Luckey StoreYES
User GroupsUnlimited
Locks GroupsUnlimited
Building Map