Introducing HyperTouch: Enhanced Access Technology by Sofia Locks

Sofia Locks presents its platform for real estate Apps, a revolutionary digital information channel that delivers interaction and services right into buildings. Cloud-native access control technologies by Sofia Locks have already lifted the building security management to a modern practice prising financial and operational flexibility [...]

Co-living, Cohousing and Social Housing: the new trends of the Real Estate and the fundamental role of technology in the Residential 4.0

The real estate market is facing a period of deep transformation, driven by the dynamism of the sector and the new needs of customers. We like to define this period as "Residential 4.0", as the strong wave of digitalization has given life to [...]

Senior Housing: un settore strategico del real estate e il contributo vitale delle tecnologie di controllo accessi

Il Senior Housing (o Independent Senior Living) è un modello simile al co-living e ad altri modelli residenziali flessibili, indirizzato a persone autosufficienti sopra i 65 anni di età. È un trend in forte crescita nel mercato dei flexible spaces nel real estate, poiché intercetta una fascia di popolazione sempre più larga e soddisfa le […]

Sofia Locks tra le tecnologie scelte per l’innovativo workspace di MIND Village

Sofia Locks, scelto da Lendlease, porta il suo contributo tecnologico all’interno di MIND, il grande parco dell’innovazione che sta prendendo vita alle porte di Milano. Ospiterà uffici, centri di ricerca, spazi culturali, ma anche orti, giardini, negozi. Il progetto svolto da Lendlease all’interno dell’area MIND, Milano Innovation District, è tra più ambiziosi sviluppi del gruppo. […]

The history of coworking 

The history of coworking is not particularly long, but is explosive! This history started in 1990 with the spread of the internet and new technologies and, in just a few years, it has gone from a part-time small-scale business to a global worldwide phenomenon. Nowadays it is widespread all around the world, and everywhere people […]

Enhancing the residential initiative with a digital approach: from the go-to-market to the customer user experience

An interview to Luisa Crupi, Chief Operating Officer @ Abitare Co. The residential market has undergone profound changes in recent years, the concept of "home" has evolved to meet the changing needs of users, and new business models have established themselves. People want to live a unique experience, event when at home [...]

Energy Saving and ESG parameters: the new frontier of the real estate market

ESG parameters are becoming more and more widespread and are paving the way to a renewed positive trend in real estate investment. When talking about ESG it is meant the environmental, social, and governance parameters that lead the business strategies and investments, to stimulate companies to have a positive impact on society and the environment, and implement forms of governance inspired by ethical criteria

Online open and turnstiles management: how to make the opening of gates smart

The new feature of the product development team allows to manage the opening of the turnstiles in a new and innovative way. The user should only scan theHypertag (NFCor QR code) associated with the gateway, and it will open instantly, without using Bluetooth.

Digitale e Real Estate : Sofia Locks al primo evento di Proptech360

Giovedì 28 Ottobre, in collaborazione con l’Italian Proptech Network (IPN) del Politecnico di Milano e Proptech360, una testata del gruppo Digital360, abbiamo partecipato alla tavola rotonda che mira a comprendere lo stato delle tecnologie per il real estate in Italia. Con questo evento ibrido, Proptech360 propone una lettura dello scenario a livello europeo e italiano, […]

New retail trends: pop-up stores and digital transformation

The digital transformation of the shopping experience, i.e. the e-commerce has put a strain on the traditional retail sector. Countries all over the world talk about the "retail apocalypse" because consumer habits take them online and away from shopping malls and retail shops. We are used to thinking of retailers as companies that manage physical shops to sell goods to end customers, although with the digital transformation the meaning of "detail"