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Technology changes the way we experience space,
but also the way we design it and investment opportunities.

The Sofia Locks team comes into contact every day with environments and leading figures in the real estate market. From the privileged position of a young innovative company we are committed to gathering, synthesizing and making available the most interesting information for the future of the sector.

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PropTech analysis for the real estate market

Sofia Locks Proptech Perspective provides insights into market data and trends. We mainly focus on the real estate sector and cutting-edge technological trends, such as cloud access control, real-time space analysis, flexible set-ups, and smart design.


Introduction to the most modern and advanced product in the security market



A co-design process that helps to find the best solution for each use case, together with the customer



Software improves people’s lives. It supports almost all activities of a working day, facilitates interaction and simplifies daily activities



What are the enabling factors of a growing business in the era of the digital revolution?


PropTech Perspective Podcast

The future of the real estate sector explained clearly, with examples and use cases.

Real Estate Voices

We maintain an active conversation with several real estate professional to hear their voices about latest trends, illuminating insights, and visions of the future. Follow us here and on LinkedIN for constant updates.

Sustainability and innovation at Nhood

Interview with María Pascual Interview with María Pascual, Asset Manager at Nhood, a company specializing in real estate services. Written by María Mañoso, Marketing Specialist at ISEO. In this interview, María Pascual offers her vision of the company, which specializes in real estate services, with a strong focus on shopping center management. It also emphasizes… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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An inside look at RKS AM’s strategy and values – Interview with Andrés Galindo

Interview with Andrés Galindo, Chief Investment and Sustainability Officer of RKS AM, a company dedicated to the integrated management of residential real estate assets. Written by María Mañoso, Marketing Specialist at ISEO. One of the main characteristics of RKS AM is that you focus on non-prime areas, what are the reasons for this decision? RKS… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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Aidan Ramsden on Livingway’s Integration of Cutting-Edge Technology in Property Management

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Aidan Ramsden, the General Manager at Livingway, who oversees six operational build-to-rent sites across UK North West. Livingway, known for its innovative approach to property rental, stands out as a leader in creating seamless and community-focused living experiences. Aidan shares insightful details about how Livingway leverages technology… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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Current scenario and future prospects in the Spanish real estate sector – Interview with Salvador Grau from Azora

An interview with Salvador Grau, Investment Associate Director of Azora, an asset management company. Written by María Mañoso, Marketing Specialist at ISEO How has Azora grown and what is your current role in the company? Azora was founded more than two decades ago, and its co-founders, Fernando Gumuzio and Concha Osácar, brought with them a… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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Eduardo Díaz de Emera

Delving into the Senior Living sector IN SPAIN: an interview with Eduardo Diaz of Emera

Eduardo Díaz is the Business Development Manager at Emera, an entity dedicated to the management of nursing homes. As business development manager, his main task is to identify opportunities for the opening of new Emera residences. How has Emera’s growth been? Emera was founded in France in 1987. We now operate in several countries such… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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Transforming Property Management: Urbanbubble’s ESG and Technology Fusion

urbanbubble, founded in 2008, is a pioneering force in the UK’s residential property management sector. Headquartered in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the company has expanded its operations across every UK region, managing over 11,000 units in more than 85 communities. urbanbubble‘s impressive portfolio showcases their expertise in providing holistic residential property management services, encompassing block and…&nbsp…

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Interview to Maria Montis from Loom

Maria Montis, Loom Spaces: Fostering Community and Excellence in Coworking Spaces.

In an exclusive interview with María Montis, COO of Loom, one of the leading providers of coworking spaces in Spain, we explore the history and vision of this Merlin Properties-owned company. From her personal experience to Loom’s challenges and strategic approaches to fostering community and innovation in their spaces, Maria Montis shares valuable information on… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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Innovation and Adaptation: The Path of First Workplaces in the Flex sector.

Introduction We spoke with Óscar García, founder of First Workplaces, a pioneering company in the shared workspace sector, born in Madrid in 2009 as Busining and renamed in 2019 with its current name. With a unique vision and extensive industry experience, Oscar has led the growth and expansion of First Workplaces, providing flexible and modern… Read More »PropTech Perspective

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Coworking Bansko’s CEO, Matthias Zeitler, on the Future of Flexible Spaces: coworking and coliving. An interview by Alessandro Nacci

An interview with Matthias Zeitler, Co-Founder @Coworking Bansko and Chief Visionary @Coliving Semkovo, made by Alessandro Nacci, CEO @Sofia Locks.  The differences between coworking and coliving are many, and are generated from their own concept. The definition of coworking involves the flexible and shared spaces to work, where freelances, entrepreneurs and young professionals among others benefit… Read More »PropTech…

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