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Access Control Custom Solutions

Sofia dedicated developers team for top value custom solutions

When it comes to integrating Luckey’s access control solutions into your business operations, having a dedicated developers team can make all the difference. Sofia, renowned for its expertise in PropTech, offers a team of skilled professionals who specialize in crafting custom solutions for top value projects.

Hire the best proptech developers team on the market

Sofia’s dedicated developers team understands that top business players have unique requirements when it comes to access control. They work closely with you to analyze your needs and translate them into custom solutions that perfectly fit your workflows and processes. Whether you require a seamless integration with your existing software ecosystem, specialized reporting and analytics features, or customized user interfaces, the team can tailor Luckey’s access control system to match your exact specifications.

Contact us for special custom projects

Are you looking for simple app customization?

Luckey Custom is the App for accessing the spaces and services of your real estate product or your flexible space. Offer a recognizable customer journey, federated with logos, images and colors of your brand, and complete with all the information for your customers.