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Access control
Cloud Technology

Simplicity and Flexibility for Modern Real Estate Environments

Access control solutions of the latest generation

Cloud based access control systems are the most modern and advanced products in the security market. A solution that thanks to the reliability and solidity of technology, has established itself as a new de facto standard. Sofia part of ISEO designed and developed a leading, state-of-the-art access control system.

Advantages of Cloud-native access control technology


Sofia part of ISEO’s cloud-native access control solutions provide bank-grade security. We rely on a market-leading Cloud Provider, AWS, for reliability, scalability, and security. Open Source software components are preferred to custom solutions. The production and development environments are separate, limiting access to authorized personnel. Secrets and access keys are managed independently and automatically reconciled during software releases. User activity is tracked through logs for troubleshooting and GDPR compliance. Overall, Sofia part of ISEO emphasizes best practices, encryption, authentication, and a “zero knowledge” secret management service to ensure robust security measures.


Sofia part of ISEO’s cloud-native access control solutions is built on a highly available and reliable infrastructure. By leveraging a multitude of servers distributed across various physical locations worldwide, we ensure seamless and secure access control system. This distributed architecture not only enhances accessibility but also enhances reliability by mitigating the risks of single points of failure (as opposite to on premise solutions). This high level of redundancy and global presence guarantees continuous access and minimizes the impact of potential disruptions, providing users with a robust and dependable access control solution.


Sofia part of ISEO’s cloud-native access control solutions provide cutting edge flexible technologies. The infrastructure can quickly adapt to new requirements by installing locks without wasting hardware resources or requiring extensive maintenance. Such flexibility encompasses simplicity and responsiveness to user needs without compromising security and reliability. It also entails the ability to adapt and readapt to the evolving market demands, allowing real estate solutions to remain agile and cater to changing requirements.


Our cloud-native access control solutions provide affordable and future-proof options for real estate businesses. By utilizing cloud-based access control, costs can be reduced while reducing the environmental impact. This is achieved through wireless installation, keyless operation, and reusable smart locks, which minimize material waste. Moreover the as-a-Service model will shape the management of spaces, with new methods, tools, and operational models that reduce power consumption and fuel usage, resulting in lower carbon emissions.


Sofia part of ISEO’s cloud-native access control solutions, is synonymous with reliability and simplicity in the realm of access control. Their infrastructure is designed for flexibility and ease of use. By leveraging cloud-native technology, Sofia can swiftly adapt to evolving needs by installing locks without the need for excessive hardware resources or maintenance. The system embraces a user-friendly approach, offering modern features such as big data analysis, meeting room management, and customizable software extensions. Luckey, their access management solution, provides secure credentials for users, granting them access to assigned areas via smartphones or RFID cards. With its scalable architecture and centralized administration, Sofia’s solution ensures a hassle-free access control experience while maintaining bank-grade security.


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