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Data on Card Access control Solutions

Simplicity and Flexibility for Modern Real Estate Environments

Cloud Native, Wireless, and OFF-line

Luckey’s data-on-card setup offers a secure wireless and off-line technology that is specifically designed to meet the access control needs of large areas and complex compounds. By leveraging this advanced technology, Sofia Locks ensures that even in areas with limited network coverage, the access control system remains fully functional. This not only provides enhanced security but also guarantees uninterrupted access control operations, regardless of the scale or complexity of the environment.

The most flexible and advanced access control solution with data-on-card technology

When it comes to access control solutions, Luckey goes above and beyond by offering fully-fledged capabilities with minimal wiring requirements. Traditional access control systems often rely on extensive wiring installations, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive. However, Luckey’s data-on-card approach significantly reduces the need for intricate wiring, simplifying the installation process and minimizing potential disruptions to the existing infrastructure. This streamlined setup not only saves time and resources but also ensures a seamless integration of the access control system into the facility.

Luckey’s data-on-card technology is designed to provide utmost flexibility in access control, accommodating both physical and virtual tokens. Whether it’s the traditional RFID cards or smartphone apps acting as virtual tokens, Luckey natively supports both options. Cards are updated by reception desk, by checking in, or upon use on perimeter gates, while smartphone are updated on connection with the secure cloud over any standard mobile or internet network.

As a cloud-native access control solution, Luckey leverages the power and flexibility of cloud technology to enhance its capabilities. By leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure, Sofia part of ISEO ensures that access control data is securely stored, managed, and accessible from any authorized device with an internet connection. This cloud-native approach enables real-time monitoring, centralized control, and seamless integration with other systems or services, providing administrators with a comprehensive and user-friendly access control solution. With Luckey, access control is not limited by physical boundaries, allowing for efficient management and scalability in any environment.

Cloud-native system advantages


Cloud technology allows a drastic reduction of maintenance operations on behalf of the customer. Systems are always updated to the last version with most recent functionalities and the most critical safety updates.


Sofia part of ISEO provides high system redundancy to ensure the maximum cloud reliability; Luckey has been designed to work even in the event of an electrical blackout or connectivity loss. Automated monitoring technologies and 24/7 dedicated engineering teams are set up for predictive and responsive problem solving.


Luckey is designed to make space management flexible: easy set up of the hardware, easy re-arrangement; remote real-time control of any number of smart locks, users permissions, shared resources, and plants; high compatibile web-based software and native Apps.


Cutting off of operating costs starts from the very beginning with Luckey, no installation of local server needed, no software licenses, no maintenance and back-up on the client part. Everything is provided out-of-the-box by Sofia part of ISEO.

Remote and real-TIME

Sofia part of ISEO cloud solution provides remote and real-time management of any structure over common and secured Internet connection, with bank-grade security standards.


Sofia Locks access control system is designed to work with any device connected to the internet: we support Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, via browser or app.


Sofia part of ISEO developers team is dedicated to constantly improve our products user experience to meet the best market standards and bring value to your real estate projects.

Get a solution that fits your business needs, our access control experts are available for further information and free quotation.