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Data on lock Access control Solutions

Simplicity and Flexibility for Modern Real Estate Environments

Cloud Native, Wireless, and ON-line

Luckey, the PropTech Access Control Solution by Sofia part of ISEO, provides secure wireless and on-line technology, ensuring the utmost flexible security for every real estate use case. With cutting-edge hardware and software technology, Luckey offers a secure and reliable solution for real-time properties access management, whether it’s residential complexes, office buildings, or other facilities. Data-on-lock solutions are designed for outstanding streamlined operations and highly flexible management that could meet any business need.

The most flexible and advanced access control solution with data-on-LOCK technology

Luckey provides fully fledged access control solutions that support both physical and virtual credentials with fully portable approach. The system seamlessly integrates with various authentication methods, including mobile credentials and traditional badges. Authorization tokens can be updated and managed remotely and in real-time, ensuring efficient control over who can enter specific areas. By incorporating data-on-lock solutions, every smart lock is equipped with a white list of authorized users and full on-line update capabilities, enhancing the overall security and the flexibility of the access control system.

Luckey revolutionizes the concept of portable credentials, making access control easier and more convenient for users. With Luckey, all your users need is an account, which can be easily created and managed through the intuitive interface. Access tokens are always connected to a personal account and managed through a combination of rules and capabilities. This flexibility can eliminate the need for physical badges and key cards, or synchronize it with virtual credentials, streamlining the access control process and delivering the best experience for every use case.

Luckey takes advantage of its cloud-native architecture to provide access control solutions that significantly reduce maintenance costs. By leveraging the power of the cloud, the system eliminates the need for on-premises servers, minimizing hardware expenses and simplifying infrastructure management. Luckey’s cloud-native approach ensures scalability, allowing for easy expansion and accommodating the changing needs of real estate properties. With Luckey, property managers can enjoy a cost-effective access control solution without compromising on security or functionality.

Cloud-native system advantages


Cloud technology allows a drastic reduction of maintenance operations on behalf of the customer. Systems are always updated to the last version with most recent functionalities and the most critical safety updates.


Sofia part of ISEO provides high system redundancy to ensure the maximum cloud reliability; Luckey has been designed to work even in the event of an electrical blackout or connectivity loss. Automated monitoring technologies and 24/7 dedicated engineering teams are set up for predictive and responsive problem solving.


Luckey is designed to make space management flexible: easy set up of the hardware, easy re-arrangement; remote real-time control of any number of smart locks, users permissions, shared resources, and plants; high compatibile web-based software and native Apps.


Cutting off of operating costs starts from the very beginning with Luckey, no installation of local server needed, no software licenses, no maintenance and back-up on the client part. Everything is provided out-of-the-box by Sofia part of ISEO.

Remote and real-TIME

Sofia part of ISEO cloud solution provides remote and real-time management of any structure over common and secured Internet connection, with bank-grade security standards.


Sofia Locks access control system is designed to work with any device connected to the internet: we support Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, via browser or app.


Sofia part of ISEO developers team is dedicated to constantly improve our products user experience to meet the best market standards and bring value to your real estate projects.

Get a solution that fits your business needs, our access control experts are available for further information and free quotation.