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Access control solutions that provides cutting edge technology and astonishing features for multi-family condos designed to be sold

In residential real estate, “built-to-sell” refers to properties that are constructed with the primary intention of being sold to individual buyers. These properties are typically developed by real estate developers who design and construct the buildings or complexes with the purpose of selling individual units to buyers.

Built-to-sell properties are often multi-unit residential buildings such as condominiums or apartment complexes. The developer will plan and construct the units, common areas, amenities, and infrastructure with the goal of attracting potential buyers and maximizing the value of the property.

In modern built-to-sell condo buildings, there is a growing emphasis on incorporating shared areas. These spaces provide additional amenities and value for residents, fostering a sense of community and promoting social interaction. By centralising facilities like fitness centers, pools, and lounges, developers optimise the efficient use of space and create luxurious common areas that differentiate their properties in the market. These shared areas cater to the lifestyle preferences of buyers, offering convenience, opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and the chance to build connections with neighbours. Ultimately, the inclusion of shared areas enhances the overall living experience and adds appeal to built-to-sell condo buildings.

Sofia part of ISEO stands out as a leading solution provider for built-to-sell projects. Our innovative product, Luckey, offers a cloud-native access control solution designed specifically for modern real estate ventures. Luckey excels in user-friendliness, regulation compliance, and flexibility through a wide range of smart lock options and software integrations. Sofia part of ISEO’s commitment to excel in supporting modern real estate business model makes Luckey the ideal access control solution for successful built-to-sell projects, delivering convenience, security, and value to both property managers and tenants.

  • Manage access to common spaces authorising people with RFID devices, smartphones, PINs codes.
  • Shared spaces management thanks to self-service with resource booking
  • Manage access to shared services and resources remotely and in real-time
  • Securely manage technical rooms and maintenance access schedule.
  • Managed shipments arrivals and inbound postal services thanks to our dedicated features
  • Meet user needs and ESG principles with our cutting edge technology

Built-to-SELL access management solution

Get a solution that fits your business needs, our access control experts are available for further information and free quotation.

The most flexible and advanced access control solution for modern real-estate flexible models

Luckey by Sofia part of ISEO is the perfect solution for built-to-sell end users, providing user-friendly interactions, top-notch security, and self-service booking for amenities. A seamless access control for a convenient and enjoyable living experience.

virtual keys through smartphones

Luckey offers the advantage of virtual keys through smartphones, eliminating the need for physical keys. Users can conveniently access spaces and resources using their personal smartphone and account, enjoying the functionalities of a smart app with digital access tokens.

Self-Service Invitation

With Luckey’s temporary invitations feature, users can manage and control temporary access to authorized spaces by sharing a simple invitation code. This allows users to invite guests according to their access rights, providing flexibility and convenience.

Privacy center

Luckey provides custom GDPR settings, including a custom privacy policy and consent registry for users. The app integrates a Privacy Center, enabling transparent management of personal privacy. Complete data minimization, anonymization, and custom data retention expiration align with company-specific GDPR requirements.

BOOKEy, everything as a service

Bookey, a Luckey access control plugin, revolutionizes resource management. It enables managers to create digital twins for assets, facilitating intelligent resource control. With flexible access scheduling, user and asset grouping, and actionable analytics, it ensures seamless management of shared resources, events, and services, providing real-time insights into space usage and occupancy trends.

Luckey by Sofia part of ISEO is the ideal solution for building managers of built-to-sell projects. With its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, flexible access control options, and seamless integration, Luckey streamlines the management of access permissions, enhances security, and offers efficient resource utilization for building managers, ensuring a smooth and successful operation.

Manager web app

Luckey offers building managers full control over users’ roles and permissions through the manager web app. They can easily onboard new collaborators and create custom roles with different visibility and permissions.


Luckey’s communication and messages feature provides a fully digital notification board for smart, remote, and real-time building management. Managers can send targeted notifications for documents and contract sharing, and users can receive and browse messages within their own mobile application.


Building managers can leverage Luckey’s smart tags to group users or smart locks, to create access credentials for a group of users and smart locks remotely and in real-time, simplifying maintenance and system expansions.

Sofia part of ISEO excels in providing top-notch cloud-based access control solutions to real estate companies seeking to develop built-to-sell products. Their innovative offering, Luckey, offers unmatched performance in usability, security, flexibility, ESG compliance, and integrability, making it the ideal choice for successful built-to-rent projects.

BMS Integrations

Luckey seamlessly integrates with Building Management Systems through APIs. It enables the exchange of energy-saving information, occupancy data, and building status information between the BMS and Luckey’s mobile app.


Thanks to our cloud technology, the integration with 3rd party tenants app is super easy. Just include our APIs and SDK within the app you have choose to use, and you can bring the smart locking feature with the highest user experience.

Luckey Access Control Core

Connect your own App and PSM with Luckey comprehensive access control system to seamlessly integrate credentials and user management, access registers, and foundational analytics.

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