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Access control solutions that provides co-housing with cutting edge technology and astonishing features

Co-housing in real estate refers to a housing development where residents have their own homes or units but share common spaces and resources. The focus is on fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and social interaction. Residents actively participate in decision-making and engage in shared activities, aiming to create a supportive and cooperative living environment. Co-housing offers an alternative housing model that emphasizes community engagement and the pooling of resources.

One of the key features of co-housing is the emphasis on community. Co-living offer the advantage of shared resources and amenities. Residents have access to a range of facilities such as fully furnished common spaces, gyms, coworking areas, and even services like housekeeping and maintenance. This eliminates the need for individual ownership and maintenance of such amenities, making co-living a more convenient and hassle-free option.

Co-housing is a kind of hybrid model where you need to grand full flexibility on shared areas but the highest level of security in private apartments. This is the reason why you need to adopt a solution that can be easily configured to support both the scenarios.

Luckey is the cloud-native Sofia part of ISEO access control solution for future-proof real estate projects like co-housing. Luckey makes managing of modern flexible spaces convenient, scalable, sustainable and successful.

  • Highest security for private areas, ensuring top-edge privacy
  • Fully flexible access management for shared areas, with shared spaces booking included features
  • User friendly mobile App with easy access and interactive features, get rid of physical keys’ management while providing extra services
  • Easy management of inbound shipments and goods thanks to our easy to use software
  • Meet user needs and ESG principles with our cutting edge technology

CO-housing access control solution

Get a solution that fits your business needs, our access control experts are available for further information and free quotation.

The most flexible and advanced access MANAGEMENT solution for modern co-HOUSING

Co-housing is revolutionizing the real estate landscape by meeting investors vision and audiences needs. This innovative trend offers affordable, community-oriented living solutions, creating dynamic spaces where individuals can thrive, connect, and experience a new way of living, giving also space for property and privacy to final users. Luckey is the best technologic platform to make co-living flexible and secure

Powerful mobile app

Forget about physical keys, Luckey App provides co-living users with a safe, easy, and personal access mean while including self-service features and useful information.

App maintenance and Customization

Choose for Luckey Plug&Play to provide your co-living with a fully fledged access control App out of the box. Get Luckey Custom to have your App branded with your colors and assets. One way or the other the App maintenance and support is on us.

One App, unlimited possibilities

From self-service booking to multiple buildings access, grant the most complete, modern digital experience to your users and maximize retention.

Managing a co-housing space with cloud-based access control brings efficiency, security, and convenience. Simplified administration, remote access management, and enhanced security features ensure seamless operations and a superior resident experience.

Frequent or extraordinary services always without hassle

From daily cleaning routines to extraordinary maintenance to be performed in service rooms, Luckey offers control over different programmable access tokens such as personal smartphones, RFID cards, PINs, or mechatronic keys to access premises out of connection coverage. Every token can be set to expire after a convenient time.

Welcome new users in a few clicks, say goodbye to old credentials in one click

Security shall never be compromised with accessibility. With this mantra Sofia part of ISEO designed Luckey, the best in class access control manager panel that makes it easy to cope with users and personnel turn over without compromising security.

Choose your data retention policy and clearly notify your users

Get full control of the data stored in your access control solution enforcing good practices and complying with privacy regulations.ckey for real estate developers

Co-housing offers a profitable investment opportunity. With affordable monthly fees, it attracts students and young professionals seeking short-term stays, emphasizing community engagement and high demand in desirable city locations. Flexibility and financial sustainibility is the key for these business models.

BMS Integrations

Luckey seamlessly integrates with Building Management Systems through APIs. It enables the exchange of energy-saving information, occupancy data, and building status information between the BMS and Luckey’s mobile app.


In co-housing you need to manage both high security areas not centrally managed (the apartments) and shared and common areas with the highest flexibility. Luckey offer the possibility to have a unique system to handle both the needs at the same time.

Luckey Access Control Core

Connect your own App and PSM with Luckey comprehensive access control system to seamlessly integrate credentials and user management, access registers, and foundational analytics.


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