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Access control solutions for future-proof retail spaces and projects

Smart retail is a transformative approach that caters to the evolving needs of consumers and the retail industry as a whole. It leverages advanced technologies to enhance the shopping experience, both online and in physical stores. There are various types of smart retail, including multi-site retail, which aims to expand a company’s physical presence to reach a larger customer base.

However, ensuring the security and flexibility of smart retail solutions presents significant challenges. With the increasing use of digital technologies, it is crucial to establish secure and reliable access control to protect goods and spaces. Additionally, flexibility is essential to adapt swiftly to changing customer demands and market trends.

To address these challenges, Sofia part of ISEO offers Luckey, a cloud-native access control solution specifically designed for smart retail projects. Luckey stands out with its exceptional features. It provides intuitive usability for both end-users and managers, incorporating modern interaction frameworks and out-of-the-box resource management capabilities. Moreover, Luckey ensures security and compliance by adhering to rigorous financial and banking-grade security standards, along with full GDPR compliance.

Luckey’s superiority also lies in its flexibility, offering a wide range of smart lock hardware solutions and fully integrated wireless access control systems. Additionally, it boasts the fastest installation process in the market, enabling seamless adaptation to the requirements of smart retail projects (such as fast pop-up store setting up). Sofia part of ISEO’s solution aligns with ESG principles as well, thanks to material reduction, remote maintenance capabilities, and simplified local maintenance, resulting in reduced environmental impact.

  • Be operative right away with a plug and play solution that fits every gate
  • Streamline operations and easily manage personnel turn over with full security
  • Manage goods delivery, shop maintenance, and spaces refurbishment with no hassle
  • Meet user needs and ESG principles with our cutting edge technology

SMART RETAIL access control solution

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The most flexible and advanced access control solution TO BUILD SMART RETAIL BUSINESSES

Luckey by Sofia part of ISEO is the ideal access control solution for smart retail final users. With its intuitive usability, modern interactions, and out-of-the-box resource management features, Luckey ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for shop personnel and clerks, enhancing their productivity and efficiency in the retail environment.


By eliminating the reliance on physical keys, Luckey provides peace of mind for smart retail personnel. They no longer need to worry about the risk of losing keys, or avoid unauthorized duplication of keys, as access is securely managed through digital credentials, enhancing security and convenience.


Smart retail personnel can effortlessly access authorized spaces and resources using Luckey’s self-service and booking logic. This streamlines operations, allowing personnel to quickly and seamlessly navigate different areas of the retail environment, enhancing productivity and customer service.


Luckey empowers smart retail personnel to conveniently access their working schedules through a personalized app and secure credentials. With a user-friendly interface and deep integration with any modern management software, Sofia part of ISEO solutions support organized, flexible and efficient time management.

Luckey by Sofia part of ISEO is the ultimate access control solution for smart retail and shop managers. With its advanced features, Luckey enables managers to have real-time control and visibility over access authorizations, simplifying resource management, ensuring security compliance, and enhancing operational efficiency in the dynamic retail environment.


Luckey’s Virtual Keys through smartphones eliminates the need for key delivery. Smart retail managers can grant instant access to personnel by creating and sharing virtual keys, managing everything remotely with a few clicks. Real-time access logs provide continuous control and visibility for enhanced security.

MIFARE and DESFIRE support

Luckey’s support for MIFARE and DESFIRE cards allows smart retail managers to efficiently manage corporate or providers badge authorizations in real-time, regardless of card technology. They can easily import existing corporate badges, assign them to users, and maintain control with real-time access logs.

PIN code support

With the PIN code feature of Luckey, smart retail managers can provide instant access to guests by creating and sharing PIN codes. They have the flexibility to create and modify access authorizations remotely and in real-time, ensuring maximum control and convenience.

Object Registry

The Object Registry feature in Luckey enables smart retail managers to maintain a digital registry of building items, such as physical master keys, documents, and deliveries. Users can conveniently check their assigned items directly in the mobile application, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Sofia part of ISEO’s access control solutions cater to the needs of all smart retail models. With their advanced features and capabilities, Sofia’s solutions provide seamless integration and support for multi-site retail, retail malls, retail villages, and pop-up stores. They ensure secure and efficient access management across diverse retail environments, enhancing overall operational performance.


The multi-site management feature of Luckey supports smart retail real estate projects by enabling seamless, remote, and real-time management of multiple buildings from a single software platform. It allows for centralized control and analytics aggregation, simplifying access management for users across all corporate buildings through smartphone and badge credentials.


The sub-plants management feature in Luckey supports smart retail real estate projects by enabling partitioned administration rights for different floors or buildings. It allows for granular control and autonomy in management, empowering local personnel to efficiently oversee their respective areas while maintaining centralized oversight and control for the overall operation.


Securely set up pop-up store or reshape malls areas is no challange for Luckey. The installers management and installation mode feature in Luckey supports smart retail real estate projects by providing complete control over users who can install and maintain the access control system. With a few clicks, authorized installer users can be granted access, and the ability to modify the installation can be activated or deactivated in real-time and remotely. This ensures efficient and secure management of the access control system. A fully operational access control solution can be put in place with up to 75% less material.

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