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Stadiums and Arenas

Unlocking the Future of Stadium Management with HyperLocks and HyperKeys

In the pulsing heart of every metropolis lies a bustling sports stadium, a symbol of community pride and a host to electrifying sporting events. The management of such expansive spaces, ensuring seamless access, and upholding top-notch security are crucial. The groundbreaking integration of HyperLocks and HyperKeys, managed under a unified cloud platform, is set to redefine access control and stadium management.

Through the integration of traditional mechanical systems and innovative digital control systems, HyperLocks and HyperKeys promise a revolution in stadium management. They not only ensure a secure and flexible space management but open the doors to a myriad of possibilities in enhancing operational efficiency and fan experience. Reach out to us for a tailored solution that will propel your stadium into a future of unparalleled security and control.

Luckey is the cloud-native Sofia part of ISEO spaces management solution that incorporates:

  • Centralized Control
  • Real time monitoring
  • Unmatched security and compliance
  • Out-of-the-box real time permission management
  • Supports every kind of door and works without power supply or connection
  • Cost-efficient and sustainable solution

Stadiums and Arenas MANAGEMENT

Get a solution that fits business and security needs, our access control experts are available for further information and free quotation.

Advantages of Cloud-native access control technology

Centralized Control at Your Fingertips

Embrace the ease of central monitoring and control of access points across the stadium from anywhere, anytime, thanks to our single cloud platform. The integration with enterprise systems (ERPs and WFMs) through our APIs, backed by a dedicated engineering team, makes real-time management a reality, even amidst bustling game days.

Scalable and Flexible Access Solutions

Our HyperLocks and HyperKeys are designed to evolve with your stadium’s needs. The wireless nature of our systems ensures hassle-free scaling of access points, catering to any event size.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytical Insights

The modern era demands real-time solutions. Monitor access in real-time and analyze foot traffic data to enhance overall operations, identify bottlenecks, and ensure the safety and smooth movement of attendees.

Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainable Operations

Minimize infrastructure costs with our wireless systems that require less hardware and are easier to install and maintain. The cloud-native management aligns with green initiatives by lowering energy consumption.

Unmatched Security and Compliance

HyperLocks, fully integrated with Sofia Locks’ Luckey cloud-based access control system, offer a blend of mechanical and electronic validation for maximum security. Even in the absence of connectivity, the system remains safe and smart, showcasing a perfect marriage of mechanical and electronic technologies.

Innovative Applications for Diverse Entrances

HyperKeys adapt to various settings, from sporadically used entrances to ATEX-certified entries, bringing smart access control everywhere without limits. The patented contactless power and data transmission system ensures longevity and protection against environmental adversities.