Designing Resilient and Equitable Communities: Etienne Chaumeton on the Intersection of Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability

An interview with, Etienne Chaumeton,  Innovation Manager at Nhood, written by Anna Gnemmi, Junior End-User Marketing Manager at Sofia part of ISEO Technology, innovation, and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in the real estate market. Technological advancements have enabled real estate professionals to streamline their processes, enhance communication with clients, and provide more […]

Coworking Bansko’s CEO, Matthias Zeitler, on the Future of Flexible Spaces: coworking and coliving. An interview by Alessandro Nacci

An interview with Matthias Zeitler, Co-Founder @Coworking Bansko and Chief Visionary @Coliving Semkovo, made by Alessandro Nacci, CEO @Sofia Locks.  The differences between coworking and coliving are many, and are generated from their own concept. The definition of coworking involves the flexible and shared spaces to work, where freelances, entrepreneurs and young professionals among others benefit […]

Community Management in Real Estate

Real estate in recent years has undergone a great process of renewal. In particular, we have witnessed the emergence and spread of new community trends-both residential and working-such as Co-living, Cohousing, Senior Housing, Coworking. These models, which have found rapid success through the use of innovative technological and digital solutions and the ability to remodel/adapt […]