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The future of access control for coworking

The future of access control
for coworking

Access control market leaders talk on innovation

Alessandro Nacci, CEO @ Sofia Locks, will discuss about the future of access control in a panel rounding up access control market leaders.

The panel, which is called “how to put access control systems at the core of coworking space’s process optimization?”, will be hosted @ Coworking Europe 2021 with the moderation of Matthias Zeitler of Coworking Bansko.


  1. Software Integrations
  2. Data and what you can do with them
  3. Wireless access control solutions and why they are central for flexible spaces

A Q&A session with attendees will follow

Coworking solution sheet

Sofia Locks Luckey is a complete access control platform, designed to serve the real estate industry. A platform allows any type of company, from the SME to the Enterprise level, to integrate the smart management of spaces and resources.

Download the solution sheet

Ultimate Access Technologies

ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies and Sofia Locks provide an innovative solution specifically designed for Flexible Workspaces (es. co-working), Flexible Living (es. co-living) and Flexible Retail (es. pop-up stores), exploiting PropTech as an enabler to manage flexible and secure access needs.

The modern and solid hardware of ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies – leading group in the design and manufacture of locking systems and access control solutions since 1969 – meets the software developed by Sofia Locks, an ISEO company that offers a cloud-based access control system, able to allow smartphones to open doors and gates after receiving a remote access authorization.

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