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From coworking to flexible living: the latest developments and opportunities

The coworking industry continues to evolve, and new trends are affecting the whole real estate market to answer the fast progressing needs. The demand for innovative and modern space design, pervaded by technology and smart solutions, is continuously increasing. Technology has become fundamental to unlock the future of modern workspaces, as it facilitates not only smart working but also hybrid working, that is the creation of workspaces specifically designed to support types of interactions that cannot occur remotely. Modern workspaces will be focused on human interactions, creativity, and physical collaboration, they will have to promote the exchange of ideas and be a continuum with digital tools.

In this context, technology is the enabling tool, as it allows to connect people and create a cyber-physic ecosystem where digital tools and instruments merge with the physical ones and help people to improve their lives, wellness, and health. Smart solutions also allow users to live the best technological experience, which also involves high-security standards.

Here we have gathered some questions that have been made to our CEO, Alessandro Nacci, on the role of smart technologies in the fast-changing real estate market.

What are some new technologies you’re working on that you can share with the world?

A few years ago we bid that real estate would have undergone the same revolution as the other sectors due to technology. We studied where the process called “softwarization” and “virtualization” would bring the greatest benefits, and we identified access control as a key element for the real estate industry. If you want to make a business modern, you need to think in a “as-a-service” fashion, and you need to have a complete fluent go-to-market, from the digital marketing, to the sale, up to the delivery. So, you need to have e-commerce connected to the smart building in a unique “value chain”: in this context, virtualizing keys to enter the building, so that they can be received on a smartphone directly after an online purchase, is mandatory. This is what we do. We enable the “as-a-service” model for the real estate industry, by making digital the way to access spaces.

There are so many new technologies coming to market, how do you choose which ones to integrate?

What guides us is a vision, we may call it flexible living. Space is central in every aspect of our life, and until yesterday, we often had to shape our lives after the spaces we dwelled. For example, we had to commute to get to work, where we had a desk that was assigned us regardless of the activity we had to do that day. Today this is not true anymore, what has changed is that now space is shaped after our life and needs. Sofia Locks strongly believes in this vision and chooses partners and technologies that believe in it as well. Technology has to streamline operations, help people in their tasks, lower efforts, and costs to get things done, make spaces and assets accessible when they are needed, enforce security. All of that to the point where technology itself disappears, and it becomes natural in our environment. So, technically speaking, we integrate cloud-native technologies, since those are the technologies that are coupled with our values.

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