On-line, no cables

Get full real-time control over every gate, Sofia HyperGate Pro allows you to build completely on-line and wireless access control system. The HyperGate device allows you to remotely update the lock memory, authorize or deactivate new users, cards and smartphones.

Remotely open every door or gate

HyperGate Pro lets you open every door remotely from the manager interface with one simple click.

Real-time analytics

Interrogate every lock in real-time to get entrances information, and analytics on space occupation and assets usage.


Cloud-native access control: learn more with our free white paper

A short yet complete guide to understand all the features and advantages of cloud-native access control solutions

PropTech Perspective

Technology is changing the real estate market


Build the system tailored to your needs with Sofia Locks

The configurations presented on this page can be implemented in a single access control system according to the needs of the use case. For example, a Sofia Locks system can manage external entrances with wired control, common rooms with real-time wireless control, and individual offices with easy control for smartphones. Compose the perfect set for your access control needs by choosing the quality of ISEO smart locks, produced in Italy with more than 50 years of experience in the world of security.


Empower your brand

Build your custom App with us for managing your spaces. Our developers team is ready to work with you for empowering your brand and developing your business.


Integrate your software with the cloud based access control system by Sofia Locks, let your business grow with a reliable and innovative partner