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Access control for Senior Housing and Senior Living

Access control for Senior Housing and Senior Living

Security solutions for senior housing projects

Sofia Locks cloud access control includes all the necessary functionalities for self-sufficient elderly apartments

Senior living is one of the latest trends in the flexible spaces market in real estate. This model, similar to co-living and other flexible residential models, is characterized by the audience of people it is aimed at, the over 65s.

What are Senior Housing and Senior Living

Senior Housing or Senior Living – or Independent Senior Living – it is a system of independent apartments for self-sufficient elderly people, with kitchens and services, organized around a series of additional common services, designed for the needs of people over 65, still in good health, dynamic, curious and full of possibilities.

These new real estate solutions are born to meet the needs of a growing segment of the population (in 2021 more than one fifth of the European population was more than 65 years old, with good economic resources and in search of favorable social conditions, comfort and safety.

Real estate services for the senior segment

These real estate solutions they are not residences for the elderly, such as those on the market to date. The facilities are designed specifically to accommodate tenants who are aging but active and with social needs, and the services (from gyms, to entertainment, to assistance, …) are included in the offer.

Self-sufficient elderly community

Common spaces are vital for these structures because those who choose them do so precisely to share their life experience. Tenants must have access to common rooms, gyms, relaxation areas, cineforums and much more. And whoever takes care of the structure must guarantee access and functionality of all services.

Assistance for the elderly

Assistance (health and otherwise) is one less thought for those who live in these structures. Technology and digital are the support element that allows easy communication and, to operators and healthcare personnel, a easy and quick accesso to structures, if necessary, respecting the privacy of the tenants.

Assistance for the elderly

Security is a very important aspect, from the armored entrance doors to the presence of one conciergerie, up to the latest generation surveillance systems. At the same time, the numerous common areas, must be properly managed, allowing easy access and correct maintenance.

Access control solutions for Senior Housing and Senior Living

Sofia Locks offers complete access control solutions, capable of activating and supporting these new real estate products. The plug & play access control by Sofia it is ready to integrate and quick to configure. The solution includes out of the box:

  • Easy set up via App
  • Control panel compatible with all devices and user friendly
  • IOS and Android user app for access

Senior Living and Senior Housing are part of the new real estate development models in which marketing and brand identity are at the fore. Sofia Locks allows companies to have App dressed with the company brand and colors, maximizing the identification between the brand and the quality services offered.

Access control that can be integrated via API, multi-system, and much more

Find out more and deepen the solutions for senior living and senior housing by downloading the free solution sheet.

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