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Access control solutions for cohousing

Technology not only simplifies daily operations, but also improves the sense of community, as it favors the aggregative aspect.

The Sofia Locks PropTech technologies have been designed to support new models of socializing and sharing between people, and to enhance the surrounding environment (understand the flexible living). Cloud management enables multiple benefits in a highly digitized ecosystem. Cloud management enables multiple benefits in a highly digitized ecosystem.

Smart ACCESS. Digital Control.

Sofia Locks has designed its access control to easily adapt to any type of building, from residential to commercial projects, from new constructions to projects of revaluation, modernization or redefinition of spaces. PropTech technology allows for a completely flexible approach, as access control can be integrated into any phase of the project, from design to fit out.

The cloud solutions can also be customized according to the specific needs of the customer, thanks to complete APIs and the special intervention of the Sofia Locks research and development team. In this way it is possible to pursue special projects with ad hoc solutions, even if for the single site.

How to best manage cohousing with Sofia Locks Luckey

  • Manage several buildings through a single panel from everywhere, at any time multi-site technology);
  • Improve building security and guarantee it in real time. Lost, forgotten or duplicated keys will no longer be a problem, because virtual credentials are unique and personal;
  • Grant or revoke access permissions remotely: managers can control access rules at any time;
  • Careful privacy management, offering the configuration of the tracking level of detail;
  • Reduce management costs, because everything can be managed through the dedicated App, Luckey App, anywhere and anytime.

Cloud native technology, added value to cohousing

Cohousing are living spaces and at the same time communities of people. Technology plays a fundamental role in these solutions, because it allows to break down all physical impediments, enabling a more fluid lifestyle in which digital is a tool at the service of everyday life. We list some of the features enabled by Sofia Locks technology for end users:

  • Access spaces and resources independently simply using your personal smartphone;
  • Manage the surrounding spaces in self-service mode, checking the availability of resources and booking / cancelling the reservation at any time;
  • Access information on the surrounding environment, such as energy consumption or air quality;
  • Grant temporary access to relatives or friends in certain areas simply by sending them a link.