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An access control software tailored to your needs

Sofia Locks has a range of products to cover all your access control needs. In particular, we manage in-depth two major categories of needs of our customers:

  • Access control with short-term authorizations
  • Access control with long-term authorizations

In the first case, in the short term, the reference product is Otello. In the second, for the long term, it’s Luckey.

Otello: short-term credentials

Otello is an application to remotely manage situations in which the generation of short-term credentials is required in the accommodation department, but not only. Everything can be managed from mobile, from your smartphone, both for iOS and for Android. Using Othello you can send a virtual key to your customers directly from your smartphone, with the purpose to eliminate the need to give them a physical key to enter into the space for them reserved.

Luckey: long-term credentials

Luckey is a software that allows you to remotely manage all situations in which it is necessary to generate long-term access credentials through an exact identification of the host Using Luckey, you can send a virtual key to your guests directly from your smartphone (iOS and Android) to the smartphone of the host, eliminating the need to give them a physical key to enter into the room.


There are cases in which, our customers have special needs, perhaps because they have important dimensions or offer services in a different or innovative way.

So it happens that sometimes a “ready to use” solution like the one provided by Otello and Luckey is not enough, but instead it is necessary to integrate the solution with other functionalities or tools: for example, with who manages the alarm of the building, with the cameras/video surveillance companies, the intercommunication companies, with the tools for the management of the structures and much more.

Thanks to Sofia Locks and its Jago platform all this is easy and simple, without any additional licensing costs. In fact, Jago is our access control cloud service that can be integrated into your software application. With Jago, you can expand your software solutions so that they can securely manage locks and doors, using JagoCloud and our Jago SDK.

If you are a developer, and you are interested to have more information about the integration between your software solution with Sofia Locks software, visit