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Flexible space enterprise


The new real estate market

Over the past year, the real estate market has faced numerous changes, not least the pandemic event that has accelerated many trends and revolutionized the conventional definitions of workplace and home. The concept of space has taken on a different connotation, it has become modular, flexible, smart, designed to meet new needs.

How the space has changed

The term “workspace” has taken on new meanings: we have gone from the image of a traditional office, equipped with fixed and non-interchangeable workstations, to a “modern” office that is characterized by flexibility. These new layouts completely change the management of spaces, where in the traditional layout it is expected between 15 and 20 m² per person, in flexible layouts the sizes are reduced to give more space to areas that facilitate sharing.

Activity based space

10/12 m² per person

The spaces are divided according to the activity that can be carried out within them. From workstations by reservation, to meeting rooms and relaxation areas. People move around in space, stopping where it is most convenient for the activity they wish to carry out.

Event based space

8/10 m² per person

The spaces change according to the needs of the people who occupy them. Their shape can be redefined with extreme ease, and they are equipped with digital systems that interact with users to maximize flexibility.

I flexible workplace are places of fundamental importance as they not only enhance cooperation and collaboration, but also allow you to attract, train and cultivate new talents, create a sense of commitment and belonging, and increase brand awareness.


Sofia Locks enables the flexible workplace

Sofia Locks solutions are preferred in the development of flexible workspaces because they are natively designed for these use cases, and for the set of features and integrations they guarantee.

Luckey App and Luckey Engine are cloud-native solutions that can guarantee:

  • Plug&Play
    All Sofia Locks technologies are highly compatible and have very quick installation themes, reducing set-up costs and guaranteeing a system that is easy to learn and immediately working for the staff.
  • Analytics and integrations
    Data is the basis of all successful businesses today, Sofia Locks offers complete and real-time analytics panels. Furthermore, our technologies can be easily integrated with other cloud and legacy systems, or in custom applications.
  • Resources management and self-service
    Bookey is Sofia Locks’ product for flexible spaces that immediately enables advanced management of resource and space booking in an intelligent way.
  • Co-design
    Sofia Locks provides a team of experts for the co-design of flexible spaces with cloud-native technologies. Our team can intervene at any stage of a real estate project with advanced technological knowledge and dedication to the project.

Download the co-desing PropTech guide

A co-design process that helps to find the best solution for each use case