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Italbiotec Consortium


Flexible spaces, the solutions for today’s challenges

Technology has had a crucial role in the last years, as it has allowed people to communicate, work, establish relationships and stay in contact with other people. Space and time have been revolutionized, and, flexible and hybrid spaces, like coworkings, business accelerators, and incubators, have become the preferred solutions to provide comfortable spaces with everything that is necessary for carrying out work.


Making the difference for industrial biotechnology companies

The Italbiotec consortium is the main national no-profit organization in the industrial biotechnology field. It is devoted to promoting a cooperative networking activity between universities and private companies with the aim of enhancing scientific development. The Consortium offers a wide range of services, like acceleration ones, innovation management and business development.


Make spaces flexible with the PropTech access control system

Italbiotec consortium has decided to implement Sofia Locks cloud solutions for their flexible space management, as they were looking for a smart, secure, and flexible solution. Through cloud technology spaces get the ability to interact with humans, they become more secure and safe, they keep the environment comfortable , as their arrangement can change according to the ongoing needs.

Solution advantages

  • managing the different locations of the building both on-site and remotely
  • granting live control over the continuous turnover of people
  • enabling transactional renting of spaces via digital environment
  • customer can access spaces autonomously through smartphones and virtual keys
  • complete access analytics dashboard
  • management of spaces and resources (like desks and meeting rooms)


Operative in less than a day

The solutions have been installed in half a day, and have immediately become operative, without compromising the operations and projects carried out at the business accelerator.

Sofia Locks solutions are designed to meet the needs of the single customer and fit the different use case, from mono/multi-tenant offices to business accelerators and incubators, and coworking.