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Home » Case studies » NTT DATA and Sofia Locks integrate artificial intelligence and cloud-native solutions for access control

NTT DATA and Sofia Locks integrate artificial intelligence and cloud-native solutions for access control

New technologies, more flexibility

In a market that is deeply changing, it is essential to have solutions able to respond flexibly and satisfactorily to complex problems. NTT DATA is focused on process, systems and resource innovation for fast and lasting results. Sofia Locks offers an access control solution that meets these standards, and looks to the future.

Smart, simple and safe lockers

Here’s how technology simplifies a complex interaction, a practical example.
Upon arrival, the user logs in hands-free thanks to the face recognition system (which also takes a photo for identification). Once verified, the user can start the conversation with the virtual assistant. Let us imagine that the user is named Mario and needs to retrieve an item from the company storage for which he has just authorized himself.

  • Blue: Hi Mario, would you like to access the lockers?
  • Mario: Yes
  • Blue: Which device do you need?
  • Mario: Oculus Quest
  • Blue: the device is in locker number 40. Would you like to open it?
  • Mario: Yes

At this point the assistant takes care of carrying out all the actions necessary to open the locker, and, if the user is authorized, asks the Sofia cloud Locks the unlocking of the resource.

  • Blue: Good Mario. I’m opening locker number 40

Go cloud managed, for security and efficiency

Control buildings and spaces, provide employees with powerful work tools, and remove any friction for company growth. Modern standards, such as distributed workforce and rapid installation of work environments, present a simple challenge for Sofia Locks cloud-native solutions.


Integrate your software with the cloud based access control system by Sofia Locks, let your business grow with a reliable and innovative partner

IVE, robotic process automation

NTT DATA’s Intelligent Virtual Entity (IVE) is a solution characterized by high flexibility and ease of use. Able to learn natural language autonomously, the virtual assistant adapts autonomously to the tasks assigned to it, without requiring complex configuration activities. IVE allows very short prototyping times to immediately have assistants able to manage complex dialogues available. A highly effective and efficient solution in managing relations with the public and in operational tasks.

For this solution, IVE makes use of a Face Recognition algorithm, a virtual assistant (Blue), and a platform IoT (HotSpot).