Increase safety, decrease operating costs

Access control technologies are fundamental in most work environments, in construction sites they are mandatory for the safety of people and tools. Sofia Locks solutions allow to obtain a more effective, more flexible control, able to reduce many operating costs.


Smart containers, smart construction sites

Smart containers are already a reality in construction sites around Northern Europe, thanks to a partnership of Sofia Locks. These containers integrate intelligent locks (armored available) for autonomous closure, without the need for external padlocks. The units can be opened with digital credentials associated with an authorized smartphone. It is no longer necessary to hand over keys to operators, or to exchange keys for access to tools or material. With a few clicks the manager can authorize any smartphone to open containers, even for pre-established schedules, and revoke the authorization with the same simplicity.


Real-time control

Cloud-native technology allows you to control an unlimited number of resources distributed over any geographical area with minimal infrastructure costs. The containers are autonomous, and can be transported and positioned on any site. A single manager can control an unlimited number of containers distributed in different construction sites, observing the usage data in real time thanks to the analysis panels.


Cloud-native access control: learn more with our free white paper

A short yet complete guide to understand all the features and advantages of cloud-native access control solutions

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