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Sustainable mobility, access control solutions for the city administration


How cloud technology supports sustainable mobility

Local administrations are increasingly promoting sustainable mobility, with obvious advantages for the environment and the livability of cities. This is why it is essential to offer citizens means and tools that lead them to prefer vehicles such as bicycles to cars.


Smart parking for bicycles

Thanks to Sofia Locks many European local administrations are offering safe and flexible bicycle parking services. In a world where smart interaction is the standard, users easily learn how to locate, book, and access parking for their bicycle through their personal device. The availability and simplicity of the service itself makes it convenient to use the bicycle. Thanks to the principles of the sharing economy, all users can take advantage of secure parking spaces distributed throughout the city.


Cloud-native power

Cloud-native technology allows you to control an unlimited number of resources distributed over any geographical area with minimal infrastructure costs. For example, bicycle parking spaces can be distributed in any corner of the city, and even without having an internet connection, users can access them by interacting with their personal smartphone.

With a single gateway equipped with wifi connection near the car parks, it will also be possible to manage a set of them remotely, obtaining data in real time and checking the opening.


Cloud-native access control: learn more with our free white paper

A short yet complete guide to understand all the features and advantages of cloud-native access control solutions

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