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Cloud-managed spaces with Cisco Meraki and Sofia Locks


Cloud-native access control

Being born under cloud standards, Sofia Locks services seamlessly integrate with Cisco Meraki systems for providing a secure and flexible access control solution A complete set of API empowers your Cisco Meraki solution with flexibility driven features. Our solutions immediately let you manage permissions in real-time, grant or revoke access with granular control in a single click, scale over several sites and buildings.
Also give a look at our enterprise level features:

Cisco Meraki, the smart infrastructure

Cisco provides the most versatile and performing infrastructure, with plug&play devices and smart cloud management. From connectivity to security and communication, Meraki is a complete scalable solution that makes the most of IT investments.

Go cloud managed, for security and efficiency

The today fast changing market requires for the ability to adapt and deliver everywhere with high quality. Cloud managed solutions provides all the tools to fast set up a reliable and performing infrastructure. Expand the digital workplace with advanced security and next-generation services. Control buildings and spaces, provide employees with empowering tools, and remove any friction for scaling. Modern standards, such as distributed workforces and fast setting up of working environments, are easy challenges for Cisco Meraki and Sofia Locks cloud-native solutions.

Enterprise projects

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Cisco Webex, integrate with the best teamwork tool

Sofia Locks systems integrate with Cisco Webex to provide working teams with a powerful chat-based users support channel. Management solutions based on our services can handle access control with simple and powerful chat interactions: to ask for access permission and to grant it can be accomplished with a familiar chat on both sides.

People Counting with CISCO Meraki

Incredibly simple to deploy, configure, and manage, Cisco Meraki smart cameras provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale. Through the Luckey Web application, Managers have the possibility to natively integrate CISCO Meraki cameras


An access control system that seamlessly integrates smart cameras and smart locks for safe management compliant to anti-Covid-19 measures.

Secure integration with our partners

Social distancing
Mask detection
Contact tracing
Traffic & Hot zones