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Ep. 5 PropTech Podcast: WiredScore, how to create a global rating system for the connectivity of buildings [ENG]

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With Will Buttery, Head of Growth Markets EMEA at WiredScore

WiredScore evaluates, certificates, and improves the digital connectivity and the smart technology of houses and offices on a global scale.

In partnership with WiredScore

In this episode of PropTech Perspective Podcast, Will Buttery will tell us how Wired Scored was born. At the basis, there is the intuition of Michael Bloomberg to make understandable to the market the actual value of a connected building. There is indeed a connectivity capital that largely affects the final value of the building.

From the beginning, the company has evolved and has also launched a new certification: Smart Score. More and more players of the real estate market are committing resources and intelligence to the creation of smart buildings. Smart Score helps these players in the correct definition of what a smart building is, in designing the realization of the same, and in communicating the actual value on the market.

Wired Score and Smart Score owe their great efficiency to the board that is brought together during the definition of standards and the evaluation framework. In fact, prominent personalities and companies are involved in the real estate market, in a context in which their needs and their vision of the future are discussed to create a guide for the benefit of the entire sector.

Sofia Locks cloud-native access control finds a place in the smart ecosystem defined by Smart Score. The collaboration context defined by Will Buttery, in which different subjects confront themselves on the technological and cultural side to create up-to-date living solutions and workplaces, perfectly fits Sofia Locks. We are therefore committed to working with all our customers to define secure and collaborative environments, able to enable new business models, comfort for the users, and innovative interaction with spaces.

We want to thank Will once again for the enlightening chat, and if you would like to learn more about how much you will hear in the podcast, or participate in an episode of Proptech Perspective Podcast, please contact us.



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