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Cloud Native Access Control Management Integrations

Luckey seamlessly integrates with exceptional software to deliver optimal flexible spaces management. By leveraging its integration capabilities, Luckey enables efficient resource management, streamlined bookings, and robust access control, ensuring a superior experience in managing and utilizing flexible spaces.

TopLife is the ideal solution for enhancing the customer, colleague, and supplier experience. It resolves critical needs caused by internal bureaucracy. With its innovative App and integrated management system, TopLife seamlessly connects users, concierge services, and property managers. Enjoy effective communication, streamlined reporting, efficient service requests, seamless space booking, and customizable features. Experience exceptional service with Luckey and TopLife.

FAR Booking - Prenotazione sale riunioni, spazi condivisi e desk

FAR Booking is an Italian platform that integrates with Luckey to manage workspace bookings and access control. It transforms the company into a safe and organized place to work, with digital tools supporting smart working. Booking meeting rooms, desks, and more becomes quick and easy, optimizing resource utilization and creating an agile work environment. FAR Booking facilitates designing hybrid work processes and enables immediate monitoring and management of returning to the office.

Cobot - The most intuitive coworking management

Cobot is a leading workspace management solution for hybrid and flexible workspaces. It offers integrated administrative, financial, and customer service tools. By integrating with cloud-native access control systems like Sofia part of ISEO, Cobot enables seamless and dynamic spaces that adapt to modern work environments, optimizing resource utilization for flexible workspace managers.

Peoplelink is an Italian company specializing in HR development and innovation. Their Cloud-based HR suite helps companies undergo digital transformation. Integration with Luckey provides access to user data, timesheets, and attendance records, simplifying business process management. Peoplelink allows efficient management of employee information, shifts, travel, holidays, payslip archives, activity tracking, expense reports, and innovative entry/exit stamping using smartphones and QR codes.

With the Luckey and Witco integration, provide a unique work experience. One app for booking meeting rooms, desks, hybrid work management, data analysis, reporting, and visitor management. Witco simplifies user management, offers lifestyle services like desk and meeting room booking, real-time data on resource usage, incident reporting, internal communication, and concierge services. Luckey ensures contactless access control, automates guest reception, and facilitates document sharing.

Nibol is an easy-to-use office management system integrated with bookable workspaces. It gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere, whether it’s the company office, their home, or a co-working space.‍ Sofia part of ISEO and Nibol together have created an efficient system for managing flexible spaces, optimizing resources, simplifying the manager’s work and giving greater autonomy to users.

The Luckey and Nexudus integration offers independent access to your space via smartphone or company badge. Automate workflows, simplify operations, and scale with Nexudus, the white-label platform for managing coworking and flexible spaces. Sync users from Nexudus to Luckey, enable Nexudus login, issue invoices, track contacts, offer member benefits, and engage your community with customizable features.

With the Titiro App and Luckey integration, manage your building’s services and access management system seamlessly. Book and manage common areas, purchase services, control home automation, and communicate with your residence. Access exclusive condominium services and have a reliable support for resolving any issues. A comprehensive solution at your fingertips.

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