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Cloud Native Access Control Security Integrations

Luckey boasts exceptional software integrations for security. By seamlessly integrating with leading security solutions, Luckey ensures robust access control, advanced permissions management, and enhanced surveillance capabilities, providing the highest level of security for buildings and their occupants.

Introducing the integration of Luckey’s access management platform with Eagle Eye Network’s cloud CCTV system, delivering unrivaled security and convenience. Easily manage access control and CCTV in one interface. Connect accounts seamlessly, view live camera feeds within Luckey, assign cameras to locks, and access event snapshots. Simplify management, gain real-time insights, and enhance security with this centralized solution. Detect breaches, track visitors, and respond promptly from the Luckey interface. By associating smart locks with cameras, you gain a comprehensive view of critical events, empowering you to take effective action for enhanced security.

Luckey leverages Google SSO technology for seamless user login across business applications. With Google SSO, users sign in once to access all cloud applications, including Google apps. Data partitioning and secrets management ensure strict access control, while a reliable and centralized secret management service automates access key management and rotation for enhanced security.

Luckey integrates with Microsoft Azure SSO technology to provide users with a unified sign-in experience for all business applications. This eliminates the need for multiple credentials and reduces the risk of data breaches. With Azure AD, users gain convenient access to apps through Single Sign-On, enhancing productivity and delivering a simplified user experience across devices.

Luckey leverages Auth0 technology for state-of-the-art authentication compatible with your business applications. Auth0 is a secure and scalable identity and access management service used by enterprises worldwide. Enhance user login experience by combining Auth0 with Luckey, ensuring uniqueness and security in your authentication process.

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