KPGM Real Estate released its annual report on innovation in the real estate market in July 2022, and we are very pleased to report that Sofia Locks has been cited as a leading innovator in our industry within the Property and facilities management and Safety and security categories.

The report aims to provide an overview of developments in the real estate market, innovations that are providing added value to businesses, and trends that are driving the changes taking place.

In order to classify innovations, KPMG used several categories:

  1. Digitization of real estate processes
  2. Enabling flexible workspaces
  3. Innovations in healthy living and working spaces
  4. Innovative construction grants
  5. Internet of Things (IoT) for building management efficiency
  6. New methods of financing real estate projects
  7. Sustainable innovations focus on aspects such as ESG and energy conservation
  8. Virtual reality, 3D mapping and BIM

We are honored and proud to have been nominated in the Property and facilities management and Safety and security categories, and we know that this is another step in the journey we need to take together as an industry to bring to market solutions increasingly innovative and responsive, capable of Responding to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

To celebrate this milestone, we have prepared a guide taking stock of the PropTech in 2022 , with a special focus on investment opportunities.