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Sofia part of ISEO, the ideal partner for the coliving sector

Coliving has been in vogue for several years, providing a perfect blend of independence and community that appeals to many individuals. The recent surge in remote work has further fueled this trend, enabling individuals to work and live anywhere in the world. It’s not just about the location; it’s the opportunity for a more nomadic lifestyle, accumulating experiences without the need to settle in one place for an extended period. Additionally, the global trend of rising housing prices, particularly affecting younger people struggling with the affordability of homeownership, underscores shared housing as an excellent alternative. Furthermore, real estate companies, in response to the impact of COVID-19, have shifted their investments toward these housing solutions, resulting in a significant increase in both demand and supply for coliving spaces.

Advantages of Sofia part of ISEO’s solutions for the shared living world

Sofia part of ISEO has developed access management software seamlessly integrated into ISEO’s multinational hardware. These solutions are specifically tailored for shared spaces with numerous users. The access management system developed is intuitive, flexible, and secure – essential qualities for shared living spaces.

Users and administrators can install and manage access in a simply way. Real-time control of all access points is facilitated, and the system is highly scalable, manageable through a smartphone. Moreover, Sofia part of ISEO’s solutions are designed to reduce the carbon footprint. The intelligent access management minimizes the materials needed for installation and operation, thereby reducing the need for installer travel.

Enhancing Coliving Communities with the Luckey Software

Sofia part of ISEO’s Luckey software is designed to manage access to both private and common spaces for users. Beyond access management, Luckey offers beneficial features for the coliving community, such as room reservation tools, calendars, and communication functionalities. These tools significantly contribute to organizing events for the entire coliving community or specific groups within it. In larger corporations, this extends to organizing and communicating events across various or all of their coliving spaces.

Sofia part of ISEO, a company involved in the Coliving sector

Sofia part of ISEO has actively participated in numerous events across Europe related to the Coliving sector, supporting the world of shared spaces. One notable event is the “Coliving Conference” at B. Amsterdam in the Netherlands, organized by Coliving Ventures, the world’s first company dedicated to all things Coliving. This conference focused on accelerating the future of shared living, allowing over 300 attendees to share visions, opinions, and future perspectives over two days. Representatives from Sofia part of ISEO had the opportunity to explore innovative Coliving schemes and various housing types. Alessandro Nacci, CEO of Sofia part of ISEO, participated in a roundtable discussion on “Co-Tech: Pioneering the Convergence of Technology and Community Living”. He explored the transformative potential of advanced technologies for seamless integration.

Technology is crucial for managing shared spaces, providing not only access control for residents and staff but also contributing to greater community cohesion. Sofia part of ISEO offers additional features like the reservation of common areas and communication tools to foster stronger group cohesion among Coliving residents.