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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Lockers

Lockers, also known as smartlockers, are essential in various settings such as offices, gyms and swimming pools for temporary storage of personal belongings. Integrating access control systems into lockers improves security and access management, providing a modern and flexible solution.

Technical Solutions

The Smart Locker locker lock system is designed for security and ease of use. It runs on battery power, eliminating the need for wiring, and can be installed on a wide range of cabinets. Closing is done by simply pulling the sash over, while opening is managed through digital credentials such as RFID and BLE smartphones.


  • Electromechanical element: Mounted inside the cabinet compartment with a mechanical striker.
  • Battery pack: Powers the system, providing flexibility and low installation costs.
  • External reader: Similar to the Aries reader, it offers visual feedback via LED and supports RFID and Bluetooth.

Operation of the System

The Smart Locker access control system stores up to 300 credentials and the last 1,000 events. When a valid credential is presented, the electromechanical device removes the referma element, allowing the door to be opened. The release time can be managed, allowing extended opening if needed.

Key Features

  • Automatic closing: Simple door approach.
  • Battery power supply: 2 lithium batteries 3.6V AA type.
  • Ignition via RFID and smartphone BLE: Facilitates access.
  • Light and sound signals: They indicate the status of the device and the battery.
  • Open-door function (office mode): Allows the cabinet to be kept open for extended periods.

Practical Applications

Smart lockers are ideal for managing access to personal space and equipment in offices, gyms, swimming pools and other environments. They can be used for space reservation and equipment management, offering flexible and secure control.

Security and Access Control

Although not the highest security devices, smart lockers provide effective control of user flow. Their tightness is similar to that of a wooden door, adequate for most daily applications. Visual and battery status notifications ensure easy and reliable management.