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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Elevators

Elevators are essential elements in complex buildings, both business and residential. Access control management for elevators can greatly improve security and space management by restricting use to authorized users and allowing controlled access to floors.

Integration of Access Control in Elevators

Elevators can be integrated with access control systems in two main ways:

  1. Restrict the call to authorized users: Only users with valid credentials can call the elevator.
  2. Plan authorization: Users can select only those plans for which they have authorization.

Usable Devices

  • 1NCA and Smart Relais: Used to send commands to the elevator via connection to the elevator controller.
  • HyperTag: Allows opening via NFC and QR code, offering a contactless solution.
  • Atlas: Central controller that manages permissions and credentials, with physical or Bluetooth connection for fast and reliable response.

Connections and Implementation

Access control solutions for elevators can use physical or Bluetooth connections. Physical connections offer greater speed and reliability, while Bluetooth connections, through the Smart Gateway, provide flexible configuration.

Installation and Collaboration

Installation of the access control system requires cooperation with elevators. These professionals are authorized to modify the elevator system and ensure that all additions meet certifications and maintenance standards.