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Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions for Armored Doors

Armored doors, also known as armored doors, are essential for providing security and comfort in homes, especially in the South Central area of Europe. In addition to being robust, these doors can be integrated with advanced access control systems to further enhance security.

Technical Solutions

Modern security doors are generally compatible with European profile cylinders. One of the cheapest and simplest solutions is to replace the mechanical cylinder with the Libra LE60 Smart electronic cylinder. This modular cylinder is easy to install and handles up to 300 login credentials, supporting RFID, smartphone BLE and HyperTag.

Motorized locks

X1 Easy is a motorized lock that allows opening by PIN codes, RFID tags and external commands. It is designed specifically for security doors and offers an integrated and secure solution.

X1R Smart
goes further, offering an advanced electronic access control system with Bluetooth connectivity. This lock allows opening by smartphone, RFID tag, numeric keypad and fingerprint, providing great versatility of access. The “Single Action” function ensures quick exit in case of emergency.
Multiblindo Emotion, a self-locking motorized lock, is the perfect solution for those seeking security and comfort. This lock can be transformed into a smart version by integrating virtual credentials, improving usability and access management.

Application of Access Control

Integration of access control on security doors varies according to needs and available technologies. For example, a security door with Libra electronic cylinder can be managed through the app, offering flexibility and security.

Motorized locks such as X1 Easy and X1R Smart allow not only advanced access control but also remote management and the ability to maintain a mechanical backup for emergencies. These systems can be integrated with external readers such as 1NCA Smart, improving access management.

More information

Multipoint locks, widely used in central northern Europe, offer a high level of security. The approach of replacing the mechanical cylinder with an electronic Libra cylinder is often the first step in modernizing the access control system.