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Bank among top italian 5

Bank Office Management

The Project

We have provided smart access control and shared desk management for one of the top 5 italian banks, within their main headquarters. The need was to introduce hybrid working and activity based working spaces within the organization, by keeping the highest level of security.

The most important aspect was the ability of an easy and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and the existing LDAP ecosystem. Also, our plug-in Bookey to reserve and obtain virtual keys was an essential part of the project.

Now, employees, can book their presence within the building for a given day just reserving the desidered desk, and obtaining the keys to reach the chosen spot.


Location: North of Italy
Customer: Undisclosed
Locks: about 100
Users: about 500

Our Solution

Shared Areas Management, integration with Microsoft365, SSO and LDAP. We provide mobile application and RFID cards for a secure management of spaces. Software integration were important for smart conciergerie services.

Main Features