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Flexible Living

The Project

Milano Moneta is a new social housing intervention located in the Affori area. The project is dedicated to the residential use and includes all the accessory services typical of this kind of model. It is characterized by four tower buildings of fourteen floors above ground and two in-line buildings of six floors above ground.
Part of the project is dedicated to public infrastructures for public use such as:

  • 16,048 sq m intended for public green spaces in connection with the Villa Litta park
  • 1,750 sqm allocated for public parking spaces.

Public space and services to the residence are designed as collective spaces for meeting and sharing, where to propose and carry out activities, expanding one’s home environment.


Location: Milan, Italia
Customer: REDO SGR
Locks: more than 100
Apartments: about 500
Users: about 500

Our Solution

We provided smart access control to more than 500 apartments for co-housing and common areas. Integration with third party app through our SDK was made possible thanks to Luckey Engine.

Main Features

  • Luckey Access Control
  • Bookey
  • Custom Privacy and GDPR features
  • Personalized roles and visibility
  • Custom Badges mapping and management
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