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The Project

Unicorn Workspaces is a company that provides flexible office spaces for businesses. They offer various locations in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Lisbon, Munich, and Potsdam. Their workspaces are designed to simplify work and provide a productive environment for teams.

We run coworking sites in many cities in Germany: Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, Köln, and München. Unicorn Workspaces has received positive reviews from various sources, including business publications and customers. They have been recognized as a top provider in the category of “Best Medium-Sized Service Providers” by the German research institute ServiceValue for consecutive years.


Location: Germany (Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, Köln, and München)
Customer: UNICORN
Locks: about 300
Users: about 1500

Our Solution

Shared Areas Management, integration with 3d party Property Management System (PMS). We provide mobile application and RFID cards for a secure management of spaces. Software integration were important for smart conciergerie services.

Main Features

  • Luckey Access Control
  • Bookey
  • Multi-tenant management
  • Mobile app SDK integration
  • Cloud integration with PMS